IMG_6394As we quickly approach the transformation of Disney's Animal Kingdom for a day time park to a all day park with the opening of Rivers of Light on April 22nd we thought we would take a quick tour of the park.

With Rivers of Light being the main thing on everyones mind right now it is hard to not look to next year and Pandora: The World of Avatar opening, especially with the two very large cranes looming over the park.IMG_6393Heading towards Discovery Island and the Tree of Life the path widening project is clear of the center to provide one of the most beautiful views in all of Walt Disney World.IMG_6395But with such major projects still coming you don't have to walk very far to find more construction walls. This wall, blocking the former entrance of Camp Minnie-Mickey now holds the guests at bay from the floating mountains taking shape in the distance.IMG_6396Africa currently is the only section of Disney's Animal Kingdom without any work being done in the main public areas.IMG_6399No visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom would be complete without a Kilimanjaro Safari, of course this sign will be removed soon with the expansion into the night time safaris coming in April also.IMG_6401IMG_6402With the days getting longer and warmer so the animals become a little more active, or inactive but wanting to be in the sun depending on which you see.IMG_6407IMG_6410 IMG_6437Along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail the gorillas, including the babies, we all out enjoying the day.IMG_6456 IMG_1456 IMG_1462The Flights of Wonder show in Asia is also getting a much needed facelift, going from a "caravan stage" with tarps and temporary roofing to a more permanent steal structure.IMG_6466

The main focus, as of now, is on Rivers of Light viewing area. Taking over the banks of the Discovery River in Asia this 5,000 space amphitheater will be home to a very impressive show from all we have been teased with.IMG_1474 IMG_6476 IMG_1489 IMG_6479It seems no area of Disney's Animal Kingdom is without construction at this time, the Boneyard in Dinoland U.S.A. is currently closed for its yearly refurbishment also.IMG_1483One of the things that we have overlooked in our recent visits is the new paint job the buildings of Discovery Island have received, going from bright and whimsical in nature to a more muted and bland color palette, most likely due to the need for constant upkeep from the harsh Florida sun.IMG_6397 IMG_1486 IMG_1494 IMG_1496But no visit to DAK would be complete without taking a look at the beauty of the floating mountains of Pandora: The World of Avatar.IMG_1501