With all the changes coming to the Disneyland Resort over the next few years as Star Wars Land enters our galaxy, we'll be bringing you periodic updates on how construction is going.

First up is a look at the work being done backstage in the former Pony Farm area where the park's horses were kept. You may notice that the berm has been lowered and several trees have been removed.

Next up is work being done in the area that was Big Thunder Ranch. As you can see, walls also extend to where the mine train trestle is and the pond where you may have spotted some jumping fish.

Of all of the projects currently going on in the resort, perhaps the largest is the draining of the Rivers of America. Two dams have been placed on either side of the island, allowing workers to drain the back part of the river while the front remains.

How was I able to get those photos? I'll give you a hint:


As the river is drained to make adjustments to that track, the Disneyland Railroad is also having some work done. In Critter Country, you can see that part of the track has been removed and the trestle has been closed off.

Finally, one change at the resort that's not really construction, animated reader boards have been appearing at the ticket booths. This screen, which features rotating ads, coincides with the move to replace the pricing signage with digital versions that can be updated to reflect the new season pricing each day.

That's all for now — we'll have more updates soon!