Do you have a weak spot for Disney magic? Well, think of a magical thought and hurry and download Disney Magic Kingdoms — you won't regret it! Help Mickey get rid of the curse cast by Maleficent over the land, keeping him, his friends, and guests from enjoying the park. Merlin explains that you must help them overcome the curse by creating magic and happiness to defeat Maleficent and reclaim the land.
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This new game released by Disney and Gameloft has a simple story, but complex tasks to keep you really invested. You can unlock new lands and characters such at the toys from Toy Story, the characters from Tangled, Mickey's friends and more as you build attractions and invite guests to the park to create that special, one of a kind Disney magic.
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I can't stop playing this game. I honestly can't stop checking my phone to see if I've earned enough magic and stars to be able to install Space Mountain in the park. I love that they have a Main Street and even the Walt and Mickey "Partners" statue in front of the Castle. Another thing that I absolutely love is the music! They play classic Disney tunes that are easily recognizable as well as the music you hear in attractions and throughout the Disney Resort parks. The game has me feeling some serious nostalgia for Roller Coaster Tycoon, but has much more of a through story which makes it easy to come back to and feel invested in.
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I will make a point of saying that this app has in app purchases that are very tempting. The main way to speed up tasks is all in the pink gems  (which you can occasionally earn), but, if you'd like the amount that you need to really play the game, you have to buy them which really adds up. If you let your child play this, be sure to turn off your ability to make in-app purchases as they make it extremely easy to buy.
This is a fantastic game that I recommend to everyone that knows Disney, loves Mickey, and can't help but feel happy at the thought of a Disney Park. Available to download for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store. Download today and start enjoying the magic!