Five new Marvel figures were released alongside Marvel Battlegrounds, bringing the total number of 3.0 Marvel figures to seven (for more information on Hulkbuster and Ultron, check out our review). This review will cover all five new figures, starting with the one that comes with Marvel Battlegrounds.

Captain America - The First Avenger

IGP_CaptainAmerica_FirstAvenger-X3Steve Rogers ditches the cowl and stands with his shield resting on the floor in this new figure. The packaging advertises that his costume is based on the upcoming film, Captain America: Civl War, and his face bears some resemblance to actor Chris Evans. One of my favorite features of the figure itself is the Avengers patch on his shoulders.

In terms of game play, this version of Cap is different enough from the 2.0 version. He still throws his shield for a long-range attack, but his close combat moves are much tougher, including a shield upper-cut and a spinning finishing move. For his special move, he holds the shield above his head as a blast of energy pours down from the sky, bouncing off his shield at enemies all around him. This figure is exclusively available with Marvel Battlegrounds.


IGP_Vision-X3Your Ultron figure has met his match with Vision, his creation from Avengers: Age of Ultron. This is the tallest of the newly released figures and he features some cool details. His bendable cape makes his action pose look realistic and his boots add to the power of his stance. The only aspect of the figure that I don't care for are his eyes, which look off in the actual figure (they look fine in the professional photograph shown). This is likely due to the pink plastic that is behind them making the colors feel muted.

In hand-to-hand combat, Vision delivers a series of strong blows with his fists. For a long range attack, he fires beams from the crystal on his forehead. Vision's special attack is "Super Dense Mode," which allows him to deliver more powerful blows and also makes him less susceptible to attacks from enemies.


Ant-ManIGP_AntMan-X3 is possibly the smallest figure ever made for Disney Infinity. In his crouching pose, he looks like he's about to grow back to normal size. His base is similar to the other character's in the Avengers series, but he has a phillips-head screw between his legs that makes it clear he is about as small as he can be without going subatomic. My favorite detail on this figure are the transparent lenses on his eyes.

For short-range attacks, Ant-Man is pretty basic with a series of blows with his fists. His long-range attack makes him tiny so he can charge at a long distance. He gets super powerful with his special skill, which allows him to become gigantic, causing him to dish out more powerful blows and be less susceptible to attacks. His Skill Tree can also be customized to send out a swarm of ants as a finishing move.

Black Panther

IGP_BlackPanther-X3The king of Wakanda makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut next month in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther also has his own movie in development. This figure features some great grey accents all over his costume. Textured pieces help make this figure stand out.

In hand-to-hand combat, Black Panther uses his hands, knees and feet to take out opponents. For a long-range attack, he knocks enemies back with a mighty roar. His special attack is called "Cat-Like Reflexes," which allows him to quickly dive between enemies and deliver powerful scratches. Among Black Panther's other Skill Tree upgrades, he can gain the ability to climb up walls.

Black Suit Spider-Man

IGP_BlackSuitSpiderMan-X3It looks like Peter Parker has been messing with some symbiotic ooze with this Black Suit Spider-Man variant figure, the last of this wave's new Marvel releases. He is in the exact same pose as the 2.0 Spider-Man figure, the only difference other than the paint job being the removal of the embossed web design on his suit. It is now a solid black with white accents.

In terms of combat, he's an exact clone of 2.0 Spider-Man, however his Skill Tree has some upgrades that differentiate him from his red-suited version. His special attack is called "Web Bombs," which allows him to shoot explodable web balls at enemies.

Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc Pack

91b80iiOrzL._SL1500_Four new Marvel Power Discs were added to the game with a collection of Power Discs themed to Marvel Battlegrounds. Cosmic Cube Blast allows you to unleash blue energy at enemies. Nova Corps Strike unleashes a blast of energy from above when activated. Darkhawk's Blast creates an energy beam from your figure's chest which hits opponents hard. And lastly is Ghost Rider's Motorcycle, the only Toy Box piece in this release.

I'm not a big Ghost Rider fan, but I have to admit that his motorcycle is cool. Any Infinity figure can become hell on wheels with this vehicle, whose wheels are ablaze while riding. Certain figures heads catch fire while riding as well, so long as it makes sense for their abilities. This short list includes Jack Skellington and Anger.

That completes this review of the new Marvel figures that were released alongside Marvel Battlegrounds, but Disney Infinity had one other recent special release from the Disney Universe. For more information, go to the last page.