Pigs and a BlanketOne of the toughest things about having brothers and sisters is learning how to share, how to compromise during play time. That is the lesson that Henry and his sister Henrietta must learn in the latest children's book from Disney Hyperion, Pigs and a Blanket. This full-color hard cover book by James Burks tells a story that will sound all too familiar to anyone who grew up with siblings.

Henry and Henrietta are brother and sister and the only thing they have in common is that they love their green blanket. Unfortunately, it's the only green blanket they have and they have to share it. But when a fight over the blanket causes it to split apart, they discover that being apart isn't as fun as being together.

Writer and illustrator James Burks does a fantastic job of recreating childhood quarrels in this charming book. His illustrations are very appealing and I love his color sense. It came as no surprise when I read that his artistic career included some time at Disney animation working on films such as The Empereror's New GrooveTreasure Planet and Home on the Range.

Pigs and a Blanket is a must-have story for any kid who finds their sibling hard to get along with at times. It's a perfect example of how you don't know what you've got until it's gone and is told in a very fun way. Kids will love the way the blanket splits apart and the way the two pigs discover that they have more fun together than they do by themselves. I highly recommend this children's book for your bedtime story rotation.