How fast can you help Mickey cross the road? What about Assistant Mayor Bellweather from Zootopia? Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6?
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Jump into this fun new game newly released from Disney and Hipster Whale, which is already claiming the title of the number one downloaded app on iOS in the USA — an impressive feat for still being so new. Help some of your favorite Disney Characters cross the way without being struck by obstacles in order to collect coins which allow you to earn new players such as Mickey, a gargoyle from the Haunted Mansion, Rapunzel, an ostrich from the Lion King and so many more!
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This game sucks you in right away! You might find yourself with a few free minutes that turns into Disney Crossy Road time. I could not be in love with this game any more! I love its simplicity of tapping and swiping, but don't let that fool you — you'll be back playing and collecting all the coins you can to get as many characters as you can. Typical to most games you'll find nowadays, you are given the option to watch a video or ad to help you earn more coins, which helps speed up the process. You'll look forward to redeeming your coins into the virtual toy machine and playing with your new character.
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It's impressive but not surprising to me that this game is extremely popular as it falls under a genre that most people are familiar with. It is great to play and the come back to when you have free time. It's also perfect for kids, teenagers, and for adults! What are you waiting for? Now available to download on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Amazon.
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Lauren Showgren
Lauren has been a Disney fan all her life. On her first birthday, she received a copy of the Disney Sing-a-long, Disneyland Fun, and ever since that, she's been hardcore in learning everything she can about the park. Another one of her favorite aspects is the food and she enjoys recreating those recipes to share with her friends and family. She also loves any craft that she can add a little bit of Disney magic or a hidden Mickey to make more magical.