James is fresh back from Japan and is ready to share with you his information, a few thoughts and plenty of photos from Easter at Tokyo Disneyland.

Disney’s Easter at Tokyo Disneyland 2016

Easter for us might have already been and gone. This, however, is not the case if you are visiting Tokyo Disneyland between now and June 15. Mickey and his friends are currently holding an Easter event that’s themed around a secret garden with cute bunnies and spring-time flowers. I recently visited Japan and was lucky enough to attend this fun event in person.
Hippity Hoppity Springtime Parade 
The main entertainment for Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter event is a wonderful Easter/Spring inspired Parade that’s presented twice daily along the Parade route. Hippity Hoppity Springtime Parade is set inside of a secret Easter garden where Mickey and Friends are holding an Egg Race. The Parade is continuous but does stop three times along the Parade route where the performers dressed in adorable Bunny costumes hold an egg race while dancing to incredibly infectious music. Mickey and other characters are standing above on the floats cheering everyone on with cheerleading pompoms. I have seen a number of parades at the park over the years but this is by far the most fun I have had watching one during a show mode.
Hippity Hoppity Springtime Parade stops in the following locations.
* In between Fantasyland and Westernland
* Around the plaza
* In between Tomorrowland and Toontown
Other entertainment offerings include the Tokyo Disneyland Band in special costumes and the Piano Bike entertainer.
Easter Egg Hunt
A fun activity to enjoy during Easter at the Park is the Easter Egg Hunt. The program which is presented in Japanese only is offered in three courses for a fee. Each course offers a different level of difficulty. After completing the challenge, you can collect an original prize. I did spot several of the eggs hidden out in the park. A friend tried the hardest level and admitted that he had to cheat a few times by searching for the answers on Twitter.
Anyone who has ever attended one of the seasonal events at the parks in Japan will know that the decorations are truly outstanding. Easter is no exception with Easter Bunnies and Disney characters all out enjoying egg races. You can find the decorations at the entrance and the plaza area in front of the castle. Also, a tip is to not miss the Easter themed window displays along World Bazaar.
About 130 types of original and limited Easter inspired merchandise items are available to purchase during this event. Items include soft toys, head bands and cookies. You can also pick up flags and pompoms so you can participate and join along with the Hippity Hoppity Springtime Parade.
Several of the restaurants inside the Park offer special food items and set meals during Easter. This includes the very popular but strange fried chicken pancake sandwich and the delicious egg pizza with sausage and vegetables. It is always recommended if visiting the park to try the special sets as these are only offered for a limited time.

Disney’s Easter concludes on June 15, 2016. Next time we will take a look at the Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary event The Year Of Wishes!