IMG_3933Just a few days ago we had the new Olaf meet and greet. Now we start this week with the opening of the Celebrity Spotlight location featuring the new Red Carpet Dream home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.IMG_3938The former audition space for American Idol Experience has been redressed and rebuilt to provide a perfect space for these meet and greets. Giving the feel of walking into an actual movie studio with classic music playing and "old" movie posters on display most guests will swear they have been there before.IMG_3942 IMG_3944First up is Minnie Mouse is her lavish set right out of a classic film.IMG_3946After a brief stop with the leading lady of Disney, you head down a hall filled with more "classic" movie posters.IMG_3953 IMG_3954IMG_3952IMG_3950IMG_3949IMG_3948Of course, at the end of the hall is the Main Mouse himself Mickey in his starring role as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.IMG_3956Just outside of the new Celebrity Spotlight area is the soon to be gone Streets of America which they have started to remove the lighting and speakers from the facades.IMG_3959One of the other areas that is under work is the former Pizza Planet restaurant as it is being transformed into something new, information still TBA.IMG_3958Heading over to Sunset Blvd. we take a ride on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to see what we can see for changes coming for Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land.IMG_3964 IMG_3967Hollywood Blvd. is changing preparation for the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks show with added projections on The Great Movie Ride facade that will originate from these new towers.IMG_3935As has become the normal for any upcoming new Disney film release a sneak peek moves into the theater for Walt Disney: One Man's Dream and, with Alice Through The Looking Glass opening May 27th, so does the preview.IMG_3970 IMG_3972 IMG_3975This preview is actually a change from the last few films. Zootopia and Jungle Book both showed almost a full scene and a bit of a montage from the rest of the film. But for Alice Through The Looking Glass, it seems like the first half of the film is cut into about eight of the 10 minutes. The remaining two minutes have a montage of what happens after Alice gets to Underland and finds out about Time and how she has to race against him to save the Hatter.

That will do it for this look at Disney's Hollywood Studios most likely till changes come to Star Wars: Launch Bay or more deconstruction of the Streets of America happen, but you never know.IMG_3934