If you've only been watching Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) for the past few years, it may come as a surprise that there have been more sports DCOMs than musicals. Back in the early 2000's when Disney Channel guaranteed a new DCOM every month, the majority of them dealt with sports. And as the network prepares for a month-long countdown to their 100th DCOM (Adventure's in Babysitting), we look back on these sports masterpieces (To check out the science fiction films explored in Part 1, click here).


BrinkBrink! is so good, it has an exclamation point attached to its title! Andy "Brink" Brinker loves rollerblading with his best friends more than anything. When his family falls on hard times, he secretly joins the rival semi-pro skating team and winds up unintentionally competing against his friends. He faces tough choices, like choosing friends over money and being honest with his family to become the most awesome skater 1998 ever saw. Starring Erik Von Detten pre-The Princess Diaries and Christina Vidal pre-TainaBrink! is just the thing you need to relive the end of the 1990's. And if the 90's fashion isn't enough to take you back, the soundtrack surely is. Being from the Eisner synergy era, be sure to note the ESPN X-Games at the film's climax. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 11:20am)


MotocrossedAndrea's brother is a professional motocross racer and the whole family relies on him, but when an injury prevents him from competing she decides to defy her father's wishes to pose as her brother in competition. In a world of boys, Andi finds herself falling for a rival racer who befriends her. But in the end, she will have to be true to herself to prove to the world that a girl can be just as good at racing as any boy can. If Mulan was a blonde white girl who went to race bikes instead of war against the Huns, you would get Motocrossed. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. Also Riley Smith, who plays Andi's crush, recently appeared in a multi-episode arc on ABC's Nashville. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 4:35pm)

Jump In!

Jump In!DCOMs are always more exciting when their title ends with an "!". Tweens were still coming off their High School Musical high when Corbin Bleu headlined this film along with Keke Palmer. Is jump roping a sport? It is when you do it for competition! Izzy Daniels was training to be a boxer like his dad when a neighbor invited him to be part of her professional double dutch team. When he discovers that he has a unique talent for the sport, he will have to go against his father's wishes to do what he loves. (Airing Friday, May 27th, at 2:40pm)

Cloud 9

Before she was Mal, Dove Cameron made her DCOM debut in Cloud 9 about the world of pro-snow boarding. Kayla lives at a ski resort that her father owns and competes on a snow boarding team. When an accident forces her to do some community service, she gets paired with a rival boarder and discovers that she has gotten where she is because of who her father is, not her talent. Now she sets her sights on winning by her skills as she trains with her new friend to become the best snow boarder possible. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 6:20pm)

Johnny Tsunami

Johnny TsunamiKeeping the snowboarding theme, Johnny Tsunami tells the story of Johnny Kapahala, a Hawaiian surfer boy whose family moves to Vermont. Out of place, Johnny struggles to fit in until he discovers that his surfing skills come in handy as a snow boarder. Now he must prove he belongs by competing in a snowboarding competition. This DCOM costars Lee Thompson Young, star of the Disney Channel series The Famous Jett Jackson, and also features Kirsten Storms in her only non-Zenon DCOM role (ZENON!!!). (Airing Tuesday, May 31st, at 3:35am)

Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board

Johnny KapahalaJohnny is back, eight years later! When Johnny's grandfather gets married, he is introduced to a new board sport, dirtboarding. Turf wars clash between the surfers and the "Dirt Devils," a disagreement that can only be settled with a race. Now Johnny will have to master the dirtboard in order to save his grandfather's surf shop from being destroyed by this rival gang. (Airing sometime in June)

Double Teamed

Double TeamedBased on a true story, Double Teamed is a biopic of WNBA sisters Heather and Heidi Burge. When the sisters's father transfers them to a new school in hopes of getting them college sponsorships, both girls wind up joining the high school basketball team due to their height, despite having interests in other activities. The girls struggle to fit in with their team members, but eventually discover their true calling was in basketball all along. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 1:10pm)

Full Court Miracle

Full Court MiracleAnother true story about basketball comes to life as Full Court Miracle. Alex D. Linz (Home Alone 3, Max Keeble's Big Move) plays Alex Schlotsky, whose middle school basketball team repeatedly loses every game. When he meets Lamont Carr, a former college basketball star who never made it to the NBA due to an injury, his prayers appear to be answered. But his Hewbrew school mates will have to work hard and draw upon religious stories to win against their rivals. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 7:45 am)

Right On Track

Right on TrackTrue life sets the scene once more with Right On Track. Sisters Courtney and Erica Enders fight sexism when they decide to enter a junior drag racing competition. They are mocked by their male competitors, but soon leave the jaws on the floor as they begin to win. If only their troubles stayed on the track, but they soon find themselves fighting for their right to race at school, too, before coming out on top and proving that they're the best racers in the sport. (Airing Sunday, May 29th, at 6:00 am)


Alley Cats Strike

Alley Cats StrikeI never thought of bowling as a sport until I discovered that you can watch it on ESPN (no joke). Three friends love being a part of their high school bowling league, until the school jock is forced on them in an effort for the school to win at every sport in a citywide championship. But when the friends suddenly find their team on the road to victory, they discover the greatness they had inside all along. When this was made, Kaley Cuoco was an unknown actress, her name wasn't even put on the promo posters. (Airing Saturday, May 28th, at 4:25am)

Ready to Run

Ready to RunAnother unconventional sport is horse racing, the subject of Ready to Run. Corrie Ortiz dreams of becoming a jockey like her father, who passed in a racing accident. She defies her mothers protests and trains a skittish horse to race by drowning out the noise of the crowds with headphones and music. But as she begins to win, her male competitors try to stop her by banning headphones from the race. Can Corrie and her horse Thunder Jam win without them? Ready to Run takes the same premise that worked for Motocross and Right On Track but resets it in the world of horse racing. (Airing sometime in June)

Go Figure

Go FigureSince figure skating is an Olympic sport, I figured that Go Figure fits best in this genre. Katelin dreams of becoming an award winning skater. When she learns that an accomplished trainer teaches at a prestigious private school, she enrolls under a hockey scholarship to afford the tuition. Now she must hide her figure skating past and train in secret in order to accomplish her dreams. (Airing sometime in June)

Hatching Pete

Hatching Pete is not your typical sports film, mainly because the main characters don't play sports. Cleatus (Mitchel Musso from Hanna Montana) is the chicken mascot for his school's failing basketball team, but the suit causes him to have bad allergic reactions. To keep his father happy, he has his shy friend Pete (Jason Dolley from Good Luck Charlie) become "The Chicken." When Pete becomes more outgoing in the suit, the team begins to do better. But when Cleatus becomes popular as a result and catches the affection of his crush (Tiffany Thornton from Sunny With a Chance/So Random), they will have to find a way to make everyone happy while leading the team to victory. (Airing sometime in June)

Going to the Mat

Going to the MatAndy Lawrence and Wayne Brady star in this inspirational DCOM about wrestling. Jace is a blind teenager who just transferred to a new school where he finds it hard to fit in. When his blind band teacher suggests that he become a jock to gain friends, he joins the school's wrestling team. Against the odds, he leads the team to a state championship, winning friends along the way. (Airing sometime in June)