Though we are still 10 months away from its release, the new teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast gave hopeful fans exactly what they had been looking for. Directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls), the film is an adaptation of the animated classic from 1991. Let’s break down the trailer and discover what we can about the movie musical:


We begin with a custom Disney Studios logo:


The first shot gives us an exterior look at the beast’s castle which bears a slight resemblance to the castle portrayed in the 1991 animated movie, but clearly with its own personality and style.



Next, we take a look inside the ballroom, which looks like it has seen livelier days, and as Anna says, “Why have a ballroom with no balls?” The ballroom seems to be less drawn from the animated movie than the exterior of the castle. For one thing, the original had just one large chandelier, while this one features a number of beautifully rendered CGI chandeliers.



It is also at this point in the trailer that we hear the familiar sound of the original movie’s score. Which is unsurprising considering that Alan Menken, the composer of the original, is returning to score this movie and even writing a few new songs. However, the movie will not feature any of the songs written for the Broadway musical.BB7We watch as the ballroom ages decades in the span of seconds, falling into disrepair, a consequence of the Beast’s solitude and torment.

BB8Next, we see a balcony within the castle, but also a possible familiar face.



We pass over a few more shots of the castle as it ages, landing on a painting of the prince with what we can assume are his parents. The Beast is clearly not a fan of the realism art movement and tears the face of his younger, more human, self. It is interesting to note that in the 1991 film, The Beast tears apart a painting of himself, already a young man. Perhaps this means that The Beast’s relationship with his mother and father will be explored in greater detail in the new movie.




Belle slowly opens the door to the castle, which has already been broken in, possibly by Maurice as he seeks shelter from the wolves in the forest. It is now when we receive our first bit of dialogue:

“Look a girl,” says Lumière.

“Yes, I can see it’s a girl, you fool,” responds Cogsworth!

“What if she is the one,” asks Lumière?

Star Wars and Moulin Rouge actor, Ewan McGregor, plays Lumière, who was played by Jerry Orbach in the 1991 film. Legendary actor Sir Ian McKellen plays Cogsworth, played by David Odgen Stiers in the original. The dialogue in this scene is close to, but not exactly the same as the dialogue in the original film.




The screen goes dark as Belle enters the castle and frailly asks, “Hello?” In the 1991 film Page O’Hara, an experienced Broadway actress and singer, played Belle. This time around the role will be filled by Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, who began extensive vocal training after receiving the part of Belle.



Lastly, we see Belle looking enamored of the enchanted rose, which appears to be displayed in a similar, if not more intricate, bell jar, as in the animated film.



So while we still have many more months to wait for its release, Beauty and the Beast looks like its shaping up to be both a beautiful and faithful adaptation of the Disney classic, if nothing else.


Beauty and the Beast opens in theatres on March 17th, 2017.