It doesn't take long for Disney fans to find the best Walt Disney World has to offer. And it appears that the community has found a new highlight at Disney Springs. I happened to be at Walt Disney World during the opening of Town Center at Disney Springs, so we decided to make a day of it and booked a lunch at Morimoto Asia, which we had not yet had the chance to try.

After checking out the shops, themeing, and new restrooms, we headed to Morimoto Asia to make sure our record of eating at every table service location on property would not be broken. Our meal was wonderful, but that is not what I want to talk about. As we were enjoying our lunch, several of our Disney friends saw us through the window and came to say hi. We figured many of our friends would be checking out Town Center, but why were they all coming to the Landing? As it turns out, they all had the same answer. Morimoto Asia's street food menu had already become a hit.


Here are the menu highlights:

•“Snacks” including takoyaki (octopus, nori, okonomiyaki sauce), Morimoto sticky ribs, curry rice croquette, taiyaki (snapper shaped sweet pancake filled with sweet adzuki red bean paste) and pork egg roll (pork, cabbage).

•“Bao Tacos” including kalbi (kimchi, scallions), chicken teriyaki (spicy mayo, cucumber, lettuce, teriyaki) and pork (spicy mayo, cucumber, lettuce)

•“Donburi” (rice bowls) in a variety of styles including Japanese beef curry, char-siu don (braised pork belly, scallions, pickled ginger) and chicken teriyaki don (braised chicken, carrots, broccoli).

•“Sushi (rito) and Onigiri” including California roll (guacamole), shrimp tempura roll (lettuce, cucumber), orange chicken roll (lettuce, sesame, orange glaze), vegetable roll (cucumber, lettuce, carrots, guacamole), sake onigiri (grilled flaked salmon, Morimoto premium white rice) and edamame & shiso onigiri (Morimoto premium white rice).

What struck me was that everyone that we met had a different favorite, but everyone loved their meal. Despite having a full meal inside, we decided we had to see what the fuss was about. I must say that my "Bao Tacos" were amazing and worth the hype. I can't wait to go back to Disney Springs and try more of the street food on a less full stomach.

I have a feeling that Morimoto Asia's Street Food will join Aloha Isle, Trader Sam's, and Via Napoli as Disney fan favorites. I have a feeling I will be back many more times.