On May 13th, part 1 of the "Epic Star Wars Event" began in the Tsum Tsum Game. If you're like me, you spent the better half of the past two weeks playing Tsum Tsum to complete the three cards. Your Tsum Tsum careens through the Star Wars universe on a landspeeder, the Millennium Falcon, and on foot through the Death Star between the three cards. The individual missions are similar to Bingo, but players roll the dice and land on spaces to complete random missions that give you a certain number of points. None of the cards have a finish line, players continue until they hit 2,000 points. And when missions become overly complicated, you can always cancel to return to smaller point missions. I had to do this every time the objective became "6,000,000 points in one game." Nerf herders...


There are small prizes along the way, such as hearts and coins, but the big prize at the end of cards 1 and 2 are C-3PO, with this being the only way to get him. Completing all three cards brings him to level 3, although he is the second-to-last prize on the third card with a shiny pin as the top achievement. It's just as useless as a real pin, if not more so being that it exists exclusively in the game. As for C-3PO, he's nothing without R2, which is why his power simply sends R2-D2 sliding through the center of the screen, clearing Tsums in his path.


Playing the missions as any of the previously released Star Wars Tsum Tsums makes it easier since they earn bonus points, making some of the tougher missions slightly less difficult. But to kick off the event, the game also added two more characters. Darth Vader, who by the way is also Luke's father, is now available. Activating his skill turns your finger into his red lightsaber and you can slash it at the screen several times to clear lots of Tsum Tsums.


From the highest grossing film of 2016, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes BB-8, the cutest round droid in all the galaxy. He rolls across the bottom of the screen clearing all Tsum Tsums in his path.


Part 1 of the Star Wars Event ends on May 30th, so if you haven't finished the cards there's a few days left. Part 2 is coming soon and the rumor is that Princess Leia will be the exclusive event Tsum Tsum.

In the plushy world, Disney Store recently released the Finding Dory collection. For a complete overview of each plushie, be sure to check out this week's Tsum Tsum Life video.

Also I've said it before, but the first Tsum Tsum release of June is a perfect reason to reiterate it: NEVER PAY INFLATED SECOND MARKET PRICES FOR TSUM TSUMS!!! Not only did Disney Store already release an Alice in Wonderland collection, but they also rereleased it at Target. Now, they are releasing it for a third time in conjunction with Alice Through the Looking Glass. Unfortunately Japan's adorable oyster doesn't make the cut this time around , but the caterpillar/butterfly will debut with this release along with the Tweedles.