Disney Infinity 3.0 appeared to start off strong last Fall and the future of the game seemed sure to continue indefinitely. However, Disney recently shocked fans of the game by ending their support of non-console versions and announcing that they were abandoning all future plans. Three characters from Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass were recently released and at this time, it appears that a Finding Dory Play Set expected in June will be the final Disney Infinity release... ever.

The three new figures are Alice, Mad Hatter and Time. All three require an update to the console game and none of them come with cards to allow you to use them in the mobile version. It's more than a little fitting that one of the final characters released is Time himself, seeing as Disney Infinity's time is almost up (sniff). All three characters stand on a white saucer with a different colored rim, perfect for tea time.


Disney Infinity AliceAlice is wearing her blue dress from the first film, Alice in Wonderland. The figure's hair is nicely detailed and the pattern around her dress features silhouettes of rabbits, birds and cats. The face sculpt is based on Mia Wasikowska, bearing little resemblance to the animated version.

Despite being live action Alice, this character's combat skills are entirely inspired by the animated classic. Alice pulls out a flamingo mallet and hits her opponents with it. For a long-range attack, she pulls out a brown hedgehog and bats it in the direction of enemies, bowling them over. When upgrading the skill tree, Alice's special move is called "Eat Me," which allows her to grow much larger. However, this also causes her movements to be much slower. Farther up the skill tree is "Drink Me," which shrinks Alice and makes her moves faster while also being so small that enemies can't see her.

Mad Hatter

Disney Infinity Mad HatterIf you thought Johnny Depp was creepy as the Mad Hatter in the films, you might find the figure to be even more terrifying. I've never had an issue with clowns, but this figure comes close to looking as much like a serial killing clown as possible, right down to his Doc Martin boots. He is otherwise in his signature look from the first film and beginning of Through the Looking Glass. Also of note is that this is the third Disney Infinity character based on Johnny Depp, following in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto.

Mat Hatter's short range attacks reveal a series of blows with his hat and a teapot, with a spring-loaded hat trick as his finishing move. His Skill Tree special attack is called "Tussle Over Tea." Taking off his hat, a tea table is set with all of the Wonderland sidekicks at the table. Mad Hatter dances on top as the sidekicks fling projectiles at enemies.


Disney Infinity TimeTime is the largest of the three Wonderland figures, with Sacha Baron Cohen's piercing blue eyes standing out as the only pop of color on the figure. His sleeves and necklace feature a few fine details and two different shades of black help layers of his cloak stand out.

Time's long range attack throws a pocket watch that momentarily freezes all enemies near where it lands. His short range attacks are mostly with his fists, but his finishing move uses a baton that he pulls from his robes. In the Skill Tree, you can add a pendulum finishing move as well. His special attack from the Skill Tree is called "Time Warp," where he summons the Chronosphere and creates a time warp that sucks in nearby enemies.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the three Wonderland characters. I do find it curiouser and curiouser that they would make Time instead of the Queen of Hearts, as she is definitely the third most beloved character from the franchise, but character choices is one of the reasons Disney Infinity didn't live infinitely. It was a bittersweet moment to enter my Hall of Heroes after playing with these figures to realize that there are only two podiums left unfilled and within the next month, Nemo and Dory will occupy them. Time is almost up for Disney Infinity, but that shouldn't stop players from having fun in their own Wonderland with Alice, Mad Hatter and Time.