Let Me FinishSPOILER ALERT! The newest childrens book from Disney Press, Let Me Finish!, is about a boy who can't stand having the ending to books he's reading get ruined before he finishes. As anyone whose ever lived with kids knows, they can't keep a good thing a secret (especially a major plot twist).

First time childrens book author Minh Le has crafter a very cute story about a young boy who just wants to read his books in peace. But everywhere he goes, animals nearby have already read the book and want to talk to him, ruining parts of the story he hasn't gotten to yet. He travels all over in search of a quit place where he won't be disturbed, including trees, caves, mountains, and islands. But alas, he can't manage to finish his books without the endings being spoiled.

Isabel Roxas' illustrations are very appealing, using a flat chalk style with character designs reminiscent of a 1950's style. She appears to draw some inspiration from Mary Blaire, with unique bright colors and one page spread that instantly draws comparisons to the rainforest scene in it's a small world.

This book also features one of the most creative covers under the dust jacket. Removing it, one finds the boys glasses lost on the front, while the boy searches for them on the back. The synopsis for the book inside the sleeve is hilariously interrupted by animals wanting to know if you've read this book yet, trying to spoil the ending for you.

I can't recommend Let Me Finish! highly enough. Even if your kids don't have a problem spilling the beans, it's still a hilarious book that they (and you) are sure to get a kick out of. Just be sure to find a quiet place to read it where nobody will ruin the ending for you.