Who's your favorite forgetful blue fish? If you're a fan of Finding Nemo, dive into Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming, the brand new app just released by Disney.
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The entire family can help Dory retell stories from her past with the help from familiar characters from the original movie while collecting bubbles throughout each level to help you advance, earn stars and special prizes. Using your finger to help Dory collect bubbles and get through each maze-like level, you'll find that each level has a special task. These include escaping from a giant squid, finding your missing friends, and even jumping from tank to tank.
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If you're looking for a way to gear up to see Finding Dory, there is no better way then exploring this app with your kids. We had to pass the iPad around so everyone could get a turn playing a level! The game is simple but gives you the opportunity to choose two special items that might pop up while you're playing. My favorite items included the boot with the plant from Wall-E and the ball with the star from Toy Story — both were fun little Easter eggs to look for. While aimed specifically at children, this is a great app to play as a family. The kids love the challenge of finding the bubbles and watching Dory follow their fingers as they direct her and, speaking for adults, the humor is cute and witty.
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This is a new favorite at our house and is requested very often. I love that it's fun to play with the kids, but also simple enough that the kids can play it by themselves and stay entertained. The game is available to download for $3.99 on the Apple App store, Google Play, and Microsoft for Windows 10. If you buy today, the first eleven levels can be played while the final two levels will be released with the film. If you liked Finding Nemo and can't wait for Finding Dory then you'll love this game!
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