Some of us live in the shadow of a Disney theme park and our families are able to experience the magic of Disney all summer long. However, for others, the Disney destinations are special experiences that we get to enjoy on vacation, and for the rest of the year we have to rely on our memories.

But those seeking out Disney fun this summer have another opportunity to enjoy the magic of Disney all summer long. Disney Stores across the country are holding Summer Play Day festivities. The various activities range from Art of Animation, Trivia, Story Time, and Showtime. Kids that participate are given a Tsum Tsum wristband with new versions being released each Wednesday.

To kick off the fun, Disney Store recently held a Finding Dory Coral Reef party. The party, hosted by Crush along with Disney Store Cast Members featured a wide range of games and activities. Kids swam under the “ocean,” played a game of “Finding Dory,” played trivia, and a Dory inspired memory game.

The kids had a great time with the wide range of activities and the cast members were great interacting with kids ranging from 3 through those in their tweens.

After the conclusion of each session, guests were given the first wristband which featured Dory. In addition to Dory and her friends, future wristbands feature characters from Zootopia, Monsters Inc., and more.


When I was young, Disney Stores were how I was able to enjoy Disney between vacations. I am thrilled to see that Disney Store understands the role they play in being the bastion of Disney in local communities. Thank you to the dedicated Disney Store Cast that make sure the next generation of Disney fans have ways to express their fandom all summer long.