Magic is a word that has become synonymous with the Walt Disney Company. It should come as no surprise that nearly 10% of the 100 Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) so far have featured magic as a major theme and in this, the fifth guide to all 100 DCOMs, we shine a spotlight on the most magical DCOMs of all time. (Be sure to check out Part 1: Science Fiction, Part 2: Sports, Part 3: Spooky Films and Part 4: Music)

The Luck of the Irish

Luck of the IrishMy favorite film in this category has become somewhat of a St. Patrick's Day tradition in my house. Ryan Merriman from Smart House returned to Disney Channel to star as Kyle Johnson, the luckiest kid around who always gets everything he wants. When his lucky gold coin is stolen, his luck runs out. And when his mother shrinks, he discovers that he is half-leprechaun and having the gold coin in his possession would allow his Leprechaun family members to pass as human. Now Kyle must face off with the evil leprechaun who stole his coin in order to save his family. (Airing Wednesday, June 22nd, at 12:00 AM)

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Wizards of Waverly Place movieEverything is not as it seems as the Russo's take a family vacation to the Caribbean. The popular Disney Channel series gets a feature film when Alex accidentally wishes her parents had never met while holding her wand and spell book. When the wish comes true, she searches for the stone of dreams with her brothers to help reverse the wish. But the stone quickly turns the siblings against each other and only one wizard can win.

The Thirteenth Year

The Thirteenth YearCody is the best swimmer at his school, but strange things begin happening when he turns thirteen. He can't drink enough water, becomes electrically charged and even grows scales in parts of his body. When his parents reveal that he is adopted, having turn up mysteriously on their boat one day, he discovers that his mother is a mermaid. But after his fins come in, he is quickly captured by a crazed fisherman out to prove that he's not crazy for having spotted Cody's mother years ago.

You Wish!

You Wish!Alex's brother Stevie is literally destroying his life, which is why Alex uses a coin Stevie gave him to wish that he never had a brother. But when his wish comes true, Alex realizes the horrible mistake he's made. Now Stevie is a rich spoiled child actor and Alex must find a way to convince him of their real past. With the help of his best friend Abby, Alex must find a way to undo the wish that was granted. This film starred some familiar faces when it debuted, including Lalaine (Miranda from Lizzie McGuire), AJ Trauth (Twitty from Even Stevens) and Spencer Breslin (Disney's The Kid).

Now You See It...

Now You See ItAllyson hopes to be a TV producer when she grows up, which is why she agrees to produce a kid magician reality competition. Discovering the talents of Danny Sinclair, she appears to have found her ticket to success. When it turns out that Danny's magic is more than just slight of hand, another magician gains his trust to control his powers. Now Allyson must risk her own safety to help Danny break free from his magical restraints to win the competition. Aly Michalka from Phil of the Future and the musical due Aly & AJ stars in this DCOM.

A Ring of Endless Light

A Ring of Endless LightMadeline L'Engle's novel comes to life with the help of Ryan Merriman (see The Luck of the Irish) in this DCOM based on a book from the author of A Wrinkle in Time. Vicky is spending the summer visiting her grandparents and soon finds herself torn between two guys vying for her affections, Adam and Zachary. When her grandfather reveals the he is dying from leukemia, Vicky discovers that she can telepathically communicate with dolphins. The films two other stars went on to fame later in their teens, Mischa Barton (The O.C.) and Jared Padelecki (Gilmore Girls).

Avalon High

When Allie transfers to Avalon High, she discovers that medieval legends have been reincarnated as teenagers in her school. Among them are King Arthur, Merlin and Mordred, who killed Arthur according to legend. But she will have to figure out who is who in order to prevent history from repeating itself as the prophecy foretold. Britt Robertson from Tomorrowland stars in this DCOM.

'Twas the Night

Twas the NightBryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad stars in this Christmas DCOM. Nick Wrigley is a crook who winds up looking after his niece and nephew on Christmas Eve. When Santa visits their house, he steals his time-pausing device and takes the kids around the world delivering Santa's presents, while secretly robbing the houses they visit. But when his actions put his family in danger, he will have to do something to set things right.(Airing Friday, June 17th, at 1:30 AM)

The Ultimate Christmas Present

The Ultimate Christmas PresentSeveral years before The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Brenda Song costarred in this holiday DCOM for anyone whose never seen a white Christmas. When Sam and Allie find a weather machine in the woods, they use it to bring snow to L.A. for the first time. But when Santa discovers that someone has tampered with his weather machine, he sends two of his elves to investigate. And when the snow spreads so far that Allie's dad won't make it home for Christmas, they will learn the true meaning of Christmas when it is taken away from them. (Airing Friday, June 17th, at 12:00 AM)