Whether you’re wanting to add a touch of Disney magic to your school day, day at the office or your weekend fun, take a look at the Disney Store’s new MXYZ collection. Its four brightly colored pattern lines offer cute representations of either Mickey, Minnie, Stitch or Marvel characters that Disney describes as the trendy ‘kawaii’ (“cute” in Japanese) style of art on a variety of items such as water bottles, file folders, socks, pencil cases, backpacks and more.

As part of the MYXZ collection, Lilo’s unique Scrump doll is brought to life as a thin metal wallet complete with sewn-on button eyes and mouth. The blue faux leather exterior also offers shiny pink bow embellishment for her yellow hair. Inside, the wallet is lined with a blue adorable Stitch pattern fabric and offers a few credit card slots and ID slot, zippered coin area and pockets for passes, dollars or notes.


The file folders feature a collection of three folders: a lenticular and two translucent packaged in a reusable clear zip envelope. These are single folders, not the type that open to reveal two and the lenticular is a less flexible, sturdier item, so it’d be my pick for transporting an item like a photo that I didn’t want to bend. I was able to try out the Stitch collection that features 626 winking on the lenticular cover.

Happily, the small Mickey Mouse MXYZ backpack offers straps that adjust to accommodate my adult frame, allowing me to easily slip it on and off, which is often not the case with smaller backpacks. The backpack can easily carry my day-to-day basics including space for a Kindle in its own case, but isn’t large enough to accommodate an iPad. The pleasantly bright red color of the exterior is repeated as the bag’s interior which makes it easier to find items within the bag. I also really appreciate that the exterior base of the bag is a black fabric as I often am setting my bag down on a variety of surfaces and the black is less likely to show the dirt than Mickey’s adorable white face. The backpack’s print material and black “Mickey ears” feels like a neoprene — it has a little bit of give/cushion when you pinch it, although not as thick as you’d find in a wetsuit or a laptop sleeve. Its single exterior pocket is quite large, easily accommodating a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy even with a bulky case.

While I love the cute smiling Minnie images and large polka dots of its outside walls and its perky pink interior, the Minnie Mouse MXYZ reusable sip-top soda bottle was the only item that didn’t meet my expectations. The lid slips on with a rubber stopper that keeps on if the item is overturned. However, its sip-top does allow liquids to drip out so it isn’t an item that could be tossed into a bag as I had hoped. On the other hand, thanks to its double-wall, you can keep it on your desk without the dreaded condensation ring appearing. Then again it only holds a little under 12 oz without any ice, so I’ll probably save this for use by younger visitors to the house.

The adorable Mickey Mouse MXYZ figural stamp features two stamp images as does the Captain America one. The images are found on either side of the stamp area which snaps into the area beneath figure’s feet. I was a bit challenged to flip over the stamp image without getting ink on my hands, but it easily wiped off. I can already see Mickey’s “thumbs up” getting a lot of use around here to encourage my little guy’s reading goals or chore accomplishments. Not only is the stamp image adorable but Mickey’s little arms also pop up like a little “hooray” motion, so double-fun with each stamp. Additionally, the stamp base has a cover that requires you to do a simple twist and slide off to access the stamp area so happily you can display the figure without inking the shelf.

Easily my favorite item in the collection. Mickey’s hands pop up as if to cheer you on as you stamp his thumbs up. YAY Me!!

The MXYZ collection also offers a rubber figural pencil case that I can see putting on display. You can choose from Mickey, Stitch or Iron Man. I'm unsure if I will have my delightfully vibrant orange Iron Man atop my desk filled with pens and pencils or if I will invite him sit alongside my sink when I travel, holding small toiletries.

Keeping my toes comfy. So cute with Captain America on one side of the sock and his shield on the other.

Items within the new MXYZ line range in price from $6.95 to $24.95, and new artwork styles are expected to be introduced quarterly. You can view all of the MXYZ products at DisneyStore.com.

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