Today the sneak peek of the Disney's reimagined Pete's Dragon opened at both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

by Jeremiah Good
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I was always a fan of the fun and songs of the original Pete's Dragon, so when this new version was announced, I was very hesitant about it. As more and more images of Elliot were released looking like an overgrown Scooby Doo with wings, my hope started to sink much like a candle on the water would.

The preview starts with Bryce Dallas Howard welcoming us to the One Man's Dream theater, talking about her love of Disney, and how some of her favorite childhood memories were going to Disneyland with her grandmother. She doesn't really go deep into Pete's Dragon behind the scenes or details as most of the past intros have for other films.

The preview starts off with Robert Redford's character telling his tale of seeing a dragon to a bunch of neighbor kids as they all listen in awe. The film cuts to a scene of someone in the forest finding a very large paw print before we see a small boy lost in the woods who becomes frightened by a gigantic green dragon. The scene plays out very cutely, showing how Elliot befriends a lost Pete followed by a "Six Years Later" cut with Pete and Elliot having fun in their forest home.

Young Pete meets Elliot

As Pete is playing hide and seek with Elliot (not an easy feet with a camouflaging dragon), he sees more of the timber men as well as a girl his own age, who also spots him. As Pete is being followed up a tree by the girl. Suddenly she slips and is caught by Pete just before hitting the ground, but this exposes him to the outside world.

Up to this point, I had actually grown a desire to see this film. Unfortunately (never a good phrase), the preview goes from setting up the story to telling the rest of it in a matter of five minutes via the dreaded montage. Ranging from Pete introducing Elliot to his new family all the way to what I believe is the last scene in the film is shown during this nine-minute sneak peek. I still believe in going to the movies not know what is going to happen, but apparently I am in the minority because the preview really does turn into a Cliffs Notes (do kids even know what that is anymore?) version of the film. Even with most of the film summed up for me, it still actually did the job is was set up to do: convince me to go see this film.

Disney California Adventure

by Doug Marsh


As mentioned, the Disneyland Resort is also offering a special sneak peek of Pete’s Dragon. The new non-musical version of the 1977 original opens August 12.

The sneak peek is being offered in Disney California Adventure, in the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land. The theater, originally the home of Muppet Vision 3D, most recently hosted For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, which closed in April.

Directional signs guide guests from Hollywood Boulevard to the theater. The theater itself is still decorated as Arendelle from Frozen, with the exception of a new exterior banner and some movie posters. In the theater itself the sneak peek is presented in 3D with special effects related to the action on screen.