IMG_7815 The Shanghai Disneyland Resort has been officially open for just under a month now and is getting close to surpassing one million visitors! I was lucky enough to be among the first thousand or so to be there on opening day, but the park will be covered much more in the next update as this one will be about the Toy Story Hotel.IMG_7821The Shanghai Disneyland Resort (SDLR for short) consists of one theme park, Disneytown, and two hotels — the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the Toy Story Hotel. I only was able to stay in the Toy Story Hotel but, talking with friends who stayed in both, the Toy Story Hotel seemed to win out not only on the price level but also the fun level.IMG_0398 IMG_0402Having stayed in all three of the Disneyland Resort Hotels and many of the hotels on each of the levels at Walt Disney World, I would put this in the moderate range for WDW or a bit above the Paradise Pier Hotel for DLR. The feel this hotel is along the lines of Art of Animation at WDW with oversized photo ops and just only food court/quick service dining options, but the rooms and amenities are differently a step above which is why I put it in the moderate range.IMG_7825 IMG_7822 IMG_7823This lobby area is smaller with only six to eight check-in/out spots for guests and a guest service desk for ticket purchases, dining help, and local assistance.IMG_8506The hotel itself is separated into two wings — Buzz and Woody — with the quick service and the counter service dining options are named after the Sunnyside Preschool from Toy Story 3.

The Sunnyside Market is the grab and go location staying open until almost midnight and offering a variety of drinks, sweet treats, and warm options after the late night in the park.IMG_9340IMG_9344 IMG_9342The Sunnyside Café offers many options from breakfast to dinner with a large seating area for the casual dinning.IMG_9345 IMG_9346 IMG_9347IMG_9349IMG_9348IMG_0357For shopping, there is the Lotto Shop, for all your Toy Story needs!IMG_9857

One thing about this hotel is it is themed to the nines!

IMG_0401 IMG_9854 IMG_8532 IMG_8533 IMG_8535 IMG_7826To see what really puts this hotel at the top of my list, head to the next page.