Finding DoryIt was a bittersweet moment when I tore open the packaging of the Finding Dory Disney Infinity Play Set. Not only is it the final release of Disney Infinity 3.0, but it's the final Disney Infinity release period, end of story. And with that, we take one final look at the wonder that was Disney Infinity.

The Finding Dory Play Set comes with the Dory figure, setting it apart from most Play Sets since the average one bundles two figures together with the game piece. Nemo is available separately and comes with sky/terrain power discs that look new based on the 3.0 stamp, but are clones of the 1.0 Nemo power discs. Both fish figures rest on their reef dwellings and have lots of great details, including bendable fins.

Finding-Nem-Figure-BoxThe game takes place after the events of the film Finding Dory. Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Hank, Bailey and Destiny return to the Marine Life Institute to help the friends they left behind. With algae and evil wind-up toys from the gift shop blocking the pipes between tanks, fish have become trapped and need to be rescued. There is also a whole aquarium that needs to be spruced up so that the rescued fish can have a nice place to rehabilitate before their release.

Marlin is the primary mission giver in the game and you get to play through many of the MLI environments, including quarantine and the touch pond (be careful not to let a kid touch you!!!). With the exception of the main tank, the game is entirely a side-scroller and often feels like Little Big Planet in terms of game play. In addition to gathering lost fish and trying to avoid the toy fish, the game also requires you to change the flow of water to make it to the end of the maze.

Beyond the Play Set, the only problem with the Nemo and Dory figures is that they can't do much in the Toy Box. They "swim" by floating above the ground, but can't go up and down the way flying characters do. When they jump, ripples appear on the ground as if there was water and for attacks, they can blow bubbles or slap opponents with their tails (there is no fighting in the Play Set).

I really enjoyed the Finding Dory Play Set and like most that came before it, the main story can be completed in under five hours. If you're trying to unlock every Toy Box toy, you will need to play each level more than once as many are hard to find and even require skills that you don't acquire until late in the game to access. But by the end of the game, you have enough decorations to make your own Toy Box reef, and the Power Discs that come with Nemo complete the tools required to make it happen.

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