Incredibuilds Finding doryIncrediBuilds, a new product line from publisher Insight Editions, has produced their first Disney-Pixar character with Dory from Finding Dory. Aimed at ages 12 and up, Dory enthusiasts can assemble their own wooden model, which also features several painting suggestions for extra talented model builders. And to top  it all off, the set comes with a book that not only recaps the film's story and characters, but also provides science facts about the marine life featured.

When opening the thin package, I was surprised by how light the wooden pieces were. All of Dory's parts are pre-cut on a wooden sheet and instructions inform you how to assemble her (it's a 42-step process that takes about 20 minutes to complete). Painting instructions are provided separately at the back of the book and it is best to paint as you build, which would understandably increase that time from under an hour to several days. Being clumsy with a brush, I opted to leave my model in her natural wooden form.

Dory Painting TipsAs for the book, it features 32-full color pages inside of a hard-cover binding. Original artwork is used to tell the story and offer bios on each character, but the real highlight is the photos of real ocean animals and the facts provided about them. The final four pages offer painting suggestions and techniques for the Dory model, including tips for using glitter paint if you want your model to be extra sparkly.

I was familiar with Insight Editions brand before as they are commonly found in museum gift shops, usually with books and models based on types of dinosaurs and sharks. While they have created models based on Marvel and Star Wars characters, Dory is their first foray into the Disney-Pixar world. I had a lot of fun building Dory and learning about the ocean and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun craft and a chance to learn something while making it.