Star Wars Land construction continues to move at a rapid pace, as more walls have appeared. The most obvious visual development has been the appearance of those concrete walls and additional rebar. But a closer look reveals more is going on than meets the eye.

A new tunnel structure has appeared, near the area where the Skyway Chalet was demolished. Whether this will be major access to the new land or backstage access for cast members, is not known at this time.

Meanwhile, between the still-existing backstage access road and the outer perimeter of the site a prominent excavation has been dug out. The sides are defined with wooden forms, suggesting that this its final size. The location appears to correspond to the location of the Millennium Falcon attraction.

Speaking of the backstage road, there is further evidence that it will soon be rerouted, though this work is hard to see. The original Winston Gate has already been reconfigured, and more trees along the perimeter have been removed. It is likely that grading and other preparation are still needed before a new road can be put in place and the old one removed.


Finally, The Orange County Register has reported that Disneyland will be building a new pony farm in the community of Norco. The happiest horses on earth should feel right at home there, as Norco is well known in southern California as an equestrian community. Located 30 miles from Disneyland, the Norco facility would provide a new home for the horses in a more rural setting.