ABC has released the second batch of digital series that are available on and the ABC apps. These short form programs run the gamete from scripted to cooking and relationship advice to business stories. Here are our brief reviews of ABC's new brief programs:


What to Text Him Back (10 Episodes):

This series features relationship expert Matthew Hussey giving his thoughts with women about how to interact with men through text messaging. The host shares his tips and tricks on how to deal with situations ranging from inappropriate texts to ambiguous messages. Now I have to admit that I am most definitely not in the target demo for this show as I am not a woman nor am I in the dating pool, so I found the show unwatchable. If you have to deal with these situations often, you may find Hussey's advice valuable, but don't watch if you are just looking to be entertained.


This Isn't Working (5 Episodes):

The sole scripted offering in this batch, This Isn't Working is about a struggling actress Sarah who takes temp jobs as she tries to make ends meet while trying to reach her dream. The show stars YouTube personality Lisa Schwartz who has over two million subscribers and the show definitely has that YouTube/Maker Studios vibe. The major challenge of the series is that it feels like a comedy, but I am not sure. Aren't comedies supposed to be funny?


Tastemade: Farm to Plate (8 Episodes):

This second Tastemade series to come to ABC Digital features Australian chef Guy Turland as he tries to discover the freshest local ingredients from interesting places. This concept is apparently called the foraging phenomenon. The show is not a cooking show in that it does not give recopies or feature cooking but gives more information about what makes up the food we eat. While this territory has been covered before, foodies may want to give this series a look.


She Talks (4 Episodes):

By far, the best series of the slate is She Talks. The series features interviews with female entrepreneurs as they share how they entered their businesses as well as the successes and challenges they faced along the way. The show only features their words and it is fascinating to hear about how they succeeded through following their passions. The only downside is that ABC has only released four episodes of this series which makes it the smallest of this month's digital release.