dsc01046We are back to give you more of a tour of Shanghai Disneyland. This time we are taking a look at Disneytown. This dining and shopping area, much the same as Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, is located just prior to the gates of the park. In true Chinese fashion, Disneytown is a very small but highly detailed cul-de-sac like area that has a little bit of everything for everyone.img_0392Coming from the transportation hub, you will first pass the Starbucks as you come upon The World of Disney store. img_7840 World of Disney really is the gateway into Disneytown. As you walk along the outside of the store, you will reach the main entrance. From this area you can either turn to head into Disneytown or go right to the gates of the park itself.img_8489 img_0366The store itself is really split up into small stores, just the way other World of Disneys are, but this one really has more of that feel especially when you move from one room to the other.img_0389 img_8500 img_8490img_8496img_8497 My favorite part had to be the attraction posters from different Disney Parks all around the world just randomly placed throughout. But as always the World of Disney is where you go for that last minute "I saw it in the park" gifts, but be warned it is VERY EASY to get lost in this one.img_8498Once you have picked up that must have Disney souvenir, it is time to venture out into Disneytown.img_0367 img_0368 img_0369 As I said, this area really compact but very beautiful. It consists of two areas: Spice Alley and Broadway Boulevard Districts.

The Broadway Boulevard District, so named because it leads to the Walt Disney Grand Theater the home of the broadway version of The Lion King.img_0371img_0376Along the way to the theater you pass by different shops with address that all have some tie to Disney history.img_0372 img_0373 img_0374 img_0375 img_0377Once you reach the end of the Broadway District there is a little known gate into the park that lets you in between Tomorrowland and Mickey Ave. If you don't have a ticket to the park or just want to continue enjoying Disneytown, you pretty much turn left and walk down the other side of the shops you just passed coming up the Broadway side and have a few new shops and dining options on your left.img_0378 img_0380 img_0384img_0382 img_0383 img_0386 img_0388Just outside of Disneytown and across from World of Disney is another small shopping and dining area that includes Shanghai Disney's own Boathouse Restaurant and a very popular shop called Hot Toys, a Hong Kong based store with some of the most amazing collectibles I have ever seen, that had a line almost every morning for some of their limited items. img_0390 img_0391To give you an idea of the size of Disneytown, here is a map that really lays it all out for you.img_0394If I have one major regret from my trip to Shanghai Disney, it would be not spending enough time at Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, or making it to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel... but that just means I need to go back!img_0363

img_9353Next week we will head into the park and look at the rich details of Mickey Avenue. Plus, if you haven't already, make sure you check out the Toy Story Hotel photo tour!img_6918