Gravity Falls Journal 3From series creator Alex Hirsch comes perhaps the most fitting book tie-in ever produced, Gravity Falls Journal 3. Fans of the series obsessed over the strange journals that Dipper discovered throughout the course of the show. For the first time, they can learn more about the weirdest findings of Gravity Falls while also getting to know the books' mysterious author.

This hardcover book is almost like a prop replica. A dust jacket can be removed to reveal the same image underneath, but without the Gravity Falls logo, a basic spine, and some cryptic symbols on the back. The inside of the dust jacket also reveals some hidden blueprints by the one and only Fiddleford McGucket.

The pages look worn, stained, and sometimes torn, and the font looks handwritten. Sketches from the mysterious author adorn nearly every page. Many pages also feature strange markings and symbols and super fans may find themselves trying to decipher the hidden messages. No resources are given in the book, but a simple Google search can provide resources to decode them.

While Journal 3 is primarily a collection of weird findings in Gravity Falls, it does have a plot. The name Bill Cipher will surely sound familiar to fans of the show and he plays a big role as the story unfolds and as the author's identity is revealed. And as the finder of the journals, Dipper adds a few pages of his own (and Mabel, too).

Sadly, Disney has not published Journals 1 and 2, but if Alex Hirsch finds himself with extra free time (highly unlikely), maybe fans will get more Gravity Falls goodness in journal form. Until that time, this seven-fingered journal will have to do. So get ready to laugh, cry, and be weirded out all over again with Gravity Falls Journal 3.