bellas-fall-coatI love everything about fall, which is my favorite season. The changing leaves, apple picking, pumpkin spice everything; these are the reasons for the season. In a new children's book from Disney Press called Bella's Fall Coat, I have met a kindred spirit.

Bella loves everything about fall, but she's grown a little too big for the coat her grandmother made her. As grandma tries to encourage Bella to wear a new coat, the little darling darts out the door to experience more of her favorite fall activities. Bella's attachment to her coat stems from the fact that her grandma made it for her, so that night grandma gets to work on a new coat that will keep her granddaughter warm as fall gives in to winter.

This story is so sweet and charming. As a grandma's boy, it brought back so many cherished memories. It's a testament to the fact that the best gifts are homemade and that you can be attached to objects because of who they're associated with.

I grew up in the midwest, but now live in a region that doesn't experience fall. Through Bella's delightful day playing in the best season of all, I got to relive the crunchy sound of leaves under my feet, the crisp fresh apples growing on trees, and the Canadian geese passing by. I highly recommend having a glass of apple cider handy while reading this to your kids.

In addition to the charming story by Lynn Plourde, Bella's Fall Coat features some whimsical artwork by Susan Gal, a former Disney Animation artist. The character style and artwork choices feel inspired by Mary Blaire, one of the most well known Disney artists. A great example of this is Bella's coat, which contains vivid blues and pinks juxtaposed against mostly orange backgrounds. Bella leaps off each page thanks to these bold and creative choices.

Bella's Fall Coat is a wonderful children's book that highlights the best qualities of fall while warming readers' hearts. It's sure to become a seasonal favorite for you and your kids and I highly recommend it. And if you live in an area that gets fall weather, it is likely to encourage your kids to want to spend more time outdoors playing in the leaves.

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