IMG_1727With Star Wars Celebration Europe held just a few weeks prior to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, most felt a disturbance in the Force and feared there would be a lack presence of Star Wars at this years con...but that was far from the case. While there was no massive Hall H panel like last year's, it was hard to turn a corner on the con floor without running into something Star Wars or look at the Friday Schedule and find a panel having something to do with A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Hasbro, as always, was home to some of the most wanted and anticipated Star Wars toys including the highly sought after Black Series figures.


Also during the Hasbro panel along with teasing upcoming figures and showing some of the work that goes into creating a perfect figure they also unveiled the new AT-ACT walker. IMG_1813 IMG_1806 IMG_1807IMG_1832The AT-ACT figure will not only have firing nerf missiles from the head but will also actually walk and can be controlled from your smartphone.

The Dynamic World of Disney Comics, while covering the whole line of 'young readers' comics, spent a good amount of time talking about the translation of Star Wars to comics. One of the highlights was seeing the Star Wars The Original Trilogy new book that condenses Episodes 4-6 into a bound hardcover comic.IMG_1695The future of the Star Wars comics was talked about along with adapting Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plans are in the works for a collection of the Episode 1-3 and each of the films going forward.IMG_1700

Disney Publishing is working hard to create a new Extended Universe after the previous one was erased after Disney took over. IMG_1789 IMG_1790They are also working on expanding the stories 'yet to come' with Rouge One being expanded before we even start to know when it will take us.IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1793One of the books I am looking most forward to is the follow up to the fun family book ABC-3PO, OBI-123 a fun counting book featuring things we all love from the Star Wars Universe.IMG_1785But, as I stated at the start of this article, you couldn't turn a corner on the Con floor without running into a display of something Star Wars.

But by far the biggest focus had to be the Rouge One costumes on display with some information about the characters (slight spoilers)IMG_1735 IMG_1729 IMG_1737In summation, while 2015 could have been the last major year for Star Wars at San Diego Comic-Con, the film franchise will always have a presence at the geekdom event of the year.