This month, Disney and Marvel's next major theatrical feature film, Doctor Strange arrives in theaters nationwide, opening up a brand new world for Marvel storytelling. To celebrate our excitement for the arrival of this fantastic new Marvel film, we're taking a closer look into the mystical world of Doctor Strange and everything you need to familiarize yourself with the character in preparation for the film and beyond!


Who Is Doctor Strange?

The film Doctor Strange, tells the story of world-renowned neurosurgeon, Doctor Steven Strange, who's life comes to an abrupt halt when he becomes the victim of a deadly car crash. The devastating outcome of the crash causes the bones in his hands to shatter, rendering them unusable. Without the ability to use his hands, his occupation as surgeon comes to an end and immediately puts his life into shambles. Desperate to restore the life he once had, he embarks on a journey in order to find a cure to restore the use his hands. Upon his quest, he meets The Ancient One, who teaches the Doctor the ways of the mystic arts and introduces him to master alternate realities.

When the world comes under new threats, the Doctor put his new training to the test in order to save the world from new supernatural dangers.

What Supernatural Abilities is Doctor Strange Capable Of?

From his training under the guidance of The Ancient One, Doctor Strange learns the ways of becoming a master of the mystic arts, casting magical spells, and harnessing the power of traveling between realms. Doctor Strange learns an array of abilities that allow him to master and control energy, matter and electricity, teleportation, and movement of inanimate objects,  just to name a few. Additionally, Doctor Strange uses an array of useful tools and gadgets that assist him in his efforts to keep the world safe, making Doctor Strange one of the most important roles in the Marvel universe.

What Other Characters Have a Role in Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange has no shortage of wonderful and unordinary characters throughout its vast mythology. Assisting Steven Strange in his journey is the mentor, Wong, who helps Strange in his attempt to learn the ways of the mystic arts. Strange's life is forever changed when he encounters the mysterious Mordo, who claims to be knowledgeable in a mystical realm taught by The Ancient One, the sorcerer supreme behind this unknown frontier.


What Dangers Must Doctor Strange Face?

Upon his training under the Ancient One, Doctor Strange learns of the supervillain Kaecilius, a former student in the mystic arts under the guidance of The Ancient One. But, unlike Dr. Strange, Kaecilius abuses his training and, in his quest to attain more power, he becomes  consumed with evil, turning him down the path of death and destruction. Kaecilius attempts to provoke his powers to inflict damage upon the world, leaving the safety of the entire world, and the alternate realms within it, in the hands of Doctor Steven Strange.

How Does Doctor Strange Play a Role in the Marvel Universe?

Like the other released Marvel theatrical films and novels, Doctor Strange is deeply interconnected with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dr. Strange and the inhabitants of his world have been forever changed when The Avengers made their presence known during the Battle of New York. The Doctor Strange mythology is deeply interconnected with The Avengers, and Doctor Strange is the first entry in a whole new world of mysteries for Earth's Mightiest Heroes going forward.