the-happiest-book-everFrom Disney, the company that brought you "the happiest cruise that ever sailed," comes the happiest book that ever booked... or something to that effect. The Happiest Book Ever! is a new picture book from Disney Press that will make you laugh and fill your heart with joy. From Bob Shea, author of the Ballet Cat series, comes this delightful treat.

If you were to hold this book in your hands, you would understand why it's called The Happiest Book Ever! Everyone and everything inside is super happy... except for a frog with a frown. As hard as the book tries, the frog refuses to join the happy party. This book and the frowning frog will have to learn a tough lesson in compromise to achieve their ultimate level of happiness.

Bob Shea's whimsical drawings bring this story to life with a tremendous amount of creativity. His designs have a silliness and a delightful charm that kids will giggle over. The cover and jacket of the book give a small sample of the playfulness found inside. Speaking of the book's jacket, it's reversible and fans of the author's other works might find a familiar face or two hidden behind it.

The book asks for some participation on the part of the reader to help cheer up the frog. Be prepared to shake the book around and even yell things at it to try to improve the sad frog's mood. Just try not to eat any of the edible happy characters inside, okay?

Whether you're reading this to your kids or buying it for your young readers (recommended for ages 6 to 8), everyone is sure to smile and laugh when reading The Happiest Book Ever! With a host of fun characters, you'll want to revisit the story over and over. It's not a good bedtime story as it will give any preschooler a case of the sillies, but you're sure to have a lot of fun with this one.