doc-mcstuffins-toy-hospiatlThe fourth season of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins began with a special TV movie event called “Welcome to McStuffinsville, in which Doc inherited a fully functioning toy hospital in a special land. The special now arrives on DVD in Toy Hospital, the seventh collection of episodes from Disney Home Entertainment along with four complete episodes from season three. In total, this offers over 2 hours of Doc McStuffins fun.

In “Welcome to McStuffinsville,” Doc’s grandma shares her secret with Doc that she too can talk to and fix toys. That’s when she shows Doc how to use her Toysponder to travel to Mcstuffinsville, a magical land with a toy hospital where toys from around the world can go. But when Doc is made the Chief Resident of the Toy Hospital, she discovers a sad toy with a broken heart who just wants to break other toys.

Many of the other episodes on this release have to do with Doc’s adopted baby sister. In “Baby McStuffins,” Doc’s parents tell her that they will be adopting a baby. In order to prepare, Doc uses her toy baby named CeCe to practicing caring for an infant. Doc’s brother Donny leaves home in “Runaway Love” after believing that his parents won’t have time for him when the baby arrives. “Bringing Home Baby” is the key episode in this theme when the McStuffins family welcomes their new bundle of joy to the family. And “Baby Names” finds the family finally settling on a name for Baby Maya.

Since each 21-minute episode has two parts, some of the secondary stories on this DVD lose the baby theme. These include “Selfless Snowman,” in which Chilly is brave by donating in a stuffing drive (instead of a blood drive). “Tour De McStuffins,” Doc has to fix a racing bike toy who crashes after going too fast. And in “Night Night, Lala,” Doc helps one of her baby sister’s new toys who has a hard time with her new home.

Bonus Features

While there aren’t any on-disc bonus features to speak of, there is a physical bonus. A plastic Toysponder bracelet allows your kid to pretend to be Doc McStuffins by giving them the tool she uses to travel to her Toy Hospital.

Packaging & Design

Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital comes in a standard black DVD case which fits inside of a foil embossed slipcover. Inserts include a flier for Disney Movie Club, a code for Disney Movie Rewards, and the Toysponder, which is on a sturdy card wrapped in plastic.

This DVD is enhanced with Disney’s Fast-Play, which means parents can pop in the disc and walk away without waiting for a menu to load. Allowing it to run its course plays previews for Moana and Finding Dory before the episodes begin. When the show is over, there’s one final ad for Disney Movie Rewards.

Final Thoughts

Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital provides over 2 hours of entertainment. In addition to the TV movie event, you also get themed episodes that help welcome Doc’s baby sister. And with the Toysponder that kids can wear and a great price, it’s a great value for Disney Junior fans.