frozen-a-pop-up-adventureIt's hard to believe that Frozen is about to celebrate its third anniversary. For fans who have yet to "Let it Go" comes a breathtaking pop-up book by New York Times best-selling author Matthew Reinhart called Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure. This is not your ordinary children's pop-up book, with many intricate and delicate displays and a premium package and price.

At first glance, this book appears to offer just 5 pages of full size pop-up artwork with a little bit of text. But upon further exploration, you discover that the text lifts up to reveal more scenes and more of the story. Many of the moments feature an interactive element via "Pull" tabs that cause the scene to change, often in surprising ways.

The iconic moments represented in delicate paper art include Anna and Elsa back-to-back outside Elsa's door, Elsa standing on the balcony of her full-sized ice palace, Olaf relaxing in the summer sun, and Kristoff and Sven in Oaken's barn. Some of my favorite moving pieces involve scenes that open up or flip around when the tabs are pulled. But the most impressive of which is the last page, which completely flips over from a large display of Elsa hugging frozen Anna to the finale scene with the villagers ice skating in Arendelle.

This hardcover package features a holofoil snowflake on the cover, an effect that is also put to use within some of the pages. A glitter effect is also employed surrounding the snowflake and the entire book is sealed in cellophane with a removable back card that reveals more artwork on the back.

I mentioned that Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure is a deluxe pop-up presentation, one of the most gorgeous pop-up books I've ever seen, and it does come at a premium price. With an MSRP of $40, this pop-up book is recommended for diehard Frozen fans and collectors. The marketing information also says it is aimed at ages 12 to 18, so if you're intentions are to give this to young kids, parents will want to handle the book for them to prevent breaks and rips. But for those who meet the criteria to enjoy this release, it's sure to dazzle and impress.