Marvel Collector Corps, the bi-monthly subscription box service from Funko Pop, shipped its tenth box in October themed to the incredible upcoming Marvel Studios film, Doctor Strange. Each box is custom designed to fit the theme of its contents, with the doctor's piercing gaze drawing you in. Everything included in the Collector Corps is exclusive to the subscription service.img_2816

Opening the top flap keeps most of the box's surprises concealed, presenting the patch and pin that come with each box.

Lifting up the flap, a comic themed card explains all of the contents.


The t-shirt features the cutest Doctor Strange in the world! When I see the film this Friday, this is what I will be wearing.


An exclusive variant cover of Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1 is the next gift in the box. To see other variant covers, check out Marvel's press release for the new series.


But since this is brought to you by Funko Pop, most subscribers will be most excited for the figures at the bottom. The Collectors Corps often comes with two vinyl figures, but this time you get a vinyl figure and a collectable mug. The mug is of Doctor Strange's head. It's like your bending the laws of time and space as you sip coffee from his noggin'.

The exclusive vinyl figure is one of the coolest I've seen them create. Labeled "Doctor Strange (Elevation)," figure 173 levitates off the ground while protecting his astral form. While you can buy an astral Doctor Strange figure at Target (it's exclusive), the standard release doesn't levitate like this one does.

I'm really pleased with the Doctor Strange box. The exclusive figure is not only unique, but has an extra level of strange with the way its feet don't touch the ground. The next box will ship in December and comes with an X-Men theme. For more information, visit the Collector Corps Website.