Loot Crate recently expanded its offerings by adding Marvel and Harry Potter subscription boxes to their regular package of geeky mixed tchotchkes. Their boxes already have an impressive history of Marvel and Disney properties, but this is their first Marvel-specific crate to hit the market.

The outside of the box is black and white and features a myriad of characters in comic blocks. The inside, however, is themed to The Book of the Darkhold, a grimoire in the Marvel Universe that at various times has ended up in the hands of Doctor Strange (Funko Pop's Marvel Collector Corps box recently featured a Doctor Strange theme as well).

The first item I removed from the box was a white Scarlet Witch box, which claimed to hold toothpick holders, which is a politically correct way of saying shot glasses. There are two frosted glasses in the box with two different two-toned images of Scarlet Witch.


The cloth bundle that takes up most of the space inside the box is Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation. The collar is made of a sturdy material to help it keep its shape even when folded inside the box. However, it is not a floor-length robe and if I had to compare it to anything else, this is the mini-skirt of bath robes. While it will make weekend lounging 100% more awesome, I recommend pants.

img_2859The Dormammu pin features the face of Doctor Strange's greatest enemy in Marvel Comics. Subscribers can now safely traverse the Dark Dimension by showing their allegiance to the Dread One.

The mysterious black box features 4 steel coasters featuring two laser etched designs of Doctor Strange. Their felt bottoms allow you to stack them without the fear of scratches and they are surprisingly elegant. However, I am starting to feel like Loot Crate wants me to take up drinking...


The only item in the crate that doesn't claim to be exclusive is at the bottom. This "Immortal Iron Fist Art Print" is a high-quality card stock with perforated ink that is sealed in plastic so you can collect it forever.


How do I know what everything in the box is? I employ the powers of Google and black magic... and Loot Crate has included a card with a description of all of the items. The bottom of the box features the back cover of The Book of the Darkhold and fans can use a box cutter to carefully cut it out and display it if they so choose.


Loot Crate's Marvel Gear + Goods crate features some really cool items. As I write this in my Cloak of Levitation, downing Skyy vodka from my Scarlet Witch "toothpick holders," and using the coasters to prevent condensation from the bottle, I can say wit 111% certainly that this is a box and there's stuff inside and if you like it, you are the cool. (You can order this crate until November 15th at