I grew up in a small town in Southern California where Christmas was a time of togetherness and tradition. Since I have moved to Florida and am now so close to Disney, it seems that a new Disney Christmas tradition starts every year. This year, they debuted one that I hope will be with us for quite some time. img_6995 What used to be part of the Disney Marketplace bus loop has been transformed into a tree trail. Starting just behind Earl of Sandwich and going back to the Disney's Days of Christmas shop, this area is great for family photos but also allows you to witness some of the imagination Disney Cast Members have while asking themselves "What would Mulan's Christmas Tree look like?"img_6996 img_6997 img_6998 img_6999 img_7001 img_7002 img_7003 img_7004 img_7005 img_7006 img_7007 img_7008 img_7009 img_7010 img_7011These trees will be on display through the beginning of January, but as we get closer and closer to December 24th, I am sure the lines to get pictures with the trees will grow and grow.