Long gone are the days of lumpy, clumsy toys. Though we are all grateful to have had the Kenner Star Wars action figures (they are not dolls!), today’s collectibles are highly detailed, articulated and bear a striking resemblance to the actors that portray them. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the new Dr. Strange figure, part of the Hasbro Marvel Legend Series.


Boxed Impressions: great packaging, nice colors and durability

The resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch is instantly identifiable. Sometimes the company will tweak the image and figure to avoid a direct comparison to the actor or actress playing the film version of the character, but I don’t believe that is what the consumer wants. No risk of that here. It looks like everyone’s favorite blogger/detective.

The Build-a-Figure is advertised on the box’s banner, and I have mixed feelings about this. Obviously, if you want a Dormammu (the Dr. Strange Universe baddie that has been around for 50 years and ([redacted due to spoiler]) you are going to have to buy 8 figures…a few that you may not want. It’s an obvious grab for cash, but if you are going to drop the dough on all 8 figures anyway, it’s a nice bonus to get the massive villain as well.

Out of Box Impressions: Amazing detail, very screen accurate, okay articulation.

I was in Hollywood for the opening night (saw it at the El Capitan) and they displayed a Dr. Strange screen used costume in the lobby. I took so many pictures of it, so I’m a little bit familiar with it. Seeing this figure now, they nailed it. From the various textures of the Cloak of Levitation to the ruffles on his skirting and the buckles on his boots, I’m loving how close this toy is to the on-screen character. Even the leather belts have all the various braids and knots. Great job there.

Hanging around his neck is a pretty sweet Eye of Agamotto. It is two toned and pretty small, but for the size, I was impressed that Hasbro went through the effort to sculpt, mold and include it. You can’t really have Dr. Strange without it, right?

The cloak hangs at an angle on his left shoulder, which is a little odd, but allows for some great motion poses. Lots of movement in the hips and leg, and the arms are great from the elbows down. However, Strange doesn’t really move at the shoulder, so all his hand magic takes place below the elbow. This is too bad because the extra hands (in full mystic mode, or magic mode, or Jazz Hands!) are sweet looking. You could really put him into some awesome poses if not for that shortcoming. I did notice that the wrists are very well-attached, which is a good thing, but switching between regular hands and Jazz Hands could eventually lead to the hinge breaking. Proceed with care.

His one accessory, an astral shield, is held easily with the non-magic hands, but it looks sort of out of place on him. It would have been better to put some studs on it and allowed it to be utilized as a stand or base.

One missing element that really shocked me was that Dr. Strange has no Sling Ring! It isn’t painted on his belt or molded on his hands or body or anything! How the heck is the Sorcerer Supreme supposed to wield the magic arts without it? It’s like Luke without a lightsaber, or Harry without a wand. I’m only half serious, but they do mention it in the film—don’t be caught without your Sling Ring. Maybe they did it on purpose. Maybe if they’d included it, children would have been able to mutter the mystical mantras necessary to open up doors to alternate planes and fracture the very essence of our current time line?

If that missing detail doesn’t bother you, get to a local store and pick up this mini mystic. Dr. Strange and his colleagues retail for $19.99 and can be purchased at retailers everywhere.