img_8458A new offering has recently come to Liberty Square: the Tiana's Riverboat Party & Ice Cream Social. This gathering takes place aboard the Liberty Belle and provides guest with a great escape from the crowds while also enjoying some sweet treats, a different view of the Festival of Fantasy Parade, and great character interaction in a unique setting.img_8459 Check-in, normally done at the dock, was held at Columbia Harbour House due to rain and was a perfect setting. The upstairs was closed off just for guests of the event and had ample space for us to enjoy our small dessert plate and ice cream scoop of our choice along with a topping bar.


img_8462 img_8466 img_8464 Coca-Cola products along with water and lemonade were available to help wash down our first of many dessert options. We also had a chance to take photos with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.img_8468In order to save time, both of our hosts filled out autograph cards to be given to their guests.img_8469As the time grew closers to the Festival of Fantasy parade, we had to say goodbye to our hosts as they had to take part in the festivities. Meanwhile, we all headed out and boarded the Liberty Belle as she was loaded with ice cream, popcorn, and other sweet treats.img_8508img_8472 img_8502 img_8505 img_8506Once our voyage was underway, we pulled forward enough to give a interesting vantage point to view the parade. We could see toward the start of the parade in Frontierland or toward Liberty Square where it turns toward Main Street USA. Neither of these was a "prime" viewing area as we were on the river, but it did offer some great photo opportunities.img_8482 img_8489 img_8500Once the parade had moved on, the Liberty Belle back up and picked up our hosts Tiana and Naveen for a cruise around the Rivers of America.img_8537Once on board, a deck parade kicked off our cruise with Tiana and Naveen showing the guests how they party in the Crescent City.img_8512Below you can see the full Festival of Fantasy Parade along with some of the amazing fun Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen have on board the Liberty Belle:

The cruise and interaction with Tiana and Naveen really made the event for me. The parade view, while different, didn't really add much. And while the plentiful ice cream and sweets are very nice, you can only eat so many Mickey Premium Bars in 45 minutes. Overall it is a great time as long as you are 1) either very addicted to sweets or 2) really love Princess and the Frog, but the parade viewing really should not be the main point of booking this event.img_8507

This special event is available for $49 per adult and $29 for children ages 9 and under (tax included). For reservations, you can book online or call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.

Check in is at the Liberty Square Riverboat entrance 45 minutes before the parade begins.