Disney Store Japan launched their newest characters on November 3rd, 2016: “Ufufy.” These Ufufy are next in the kawaii (cute) creations sold exclusively at Disney Stores in Japan. And they certainly did not disappoint.


We were on hand at the Disney Store in Ikspiari (the shopping center at Tokyo Disney Resort) on release day (a Thursday), when the lines wrapped through the store to snag one of the first Ufufy.


The story is, that these adorable Disney characters were ‘born from the clouds.’ They are fluffy and very soft, and carry a ‘touch of healing’ that only plush animals can bring.


We spoke with a Disney Store manager on release day, and she explained that “Ufufy” (unlike Tsum Tsum) is not a Japanese word. It is meant to express a feeling of happiness and fluffiness.


The first release of Ufufy came with 16 pastel-colored characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, Chip, Dale, Stitch, Marie, Cheshire Cat, and Dumbo. Pluto is missing from the photo above. I tucked in a couple Tsum Tsum in the back row for size comparison.

Ufufy fit in the palm of your hand, and are lightly scented with ‘Flowering Apple.’ The scent reminds me of apple, banana, and cotton candy all together.

They measure about 12 cm tall (just under 5 inches), so they are a bit bigger than the extremely popular Tsum Tsum.

Ufufy with Mochi Tsum Tsum for size comparison

Ufufy have little beads in their bottoms. The beads allow them to sit upright, and are what provide their scent. (I admit, I have been guilty of sniffing my Ufufy).
mickey-and-minnie-ufufy-with-straw-ribbonsThe first few days (while supplies lasted), there was a ‘free gift’ that came with Ufufy – a colorful straw with ribbons and a tiny bell that they could hold in their hands. Their hands actually form tiny loops that you can place small items into.


Pricing for Ufufy are at 700 Yen each, (756 Yen with tax, or about $7.50 USD). Tsum Tsum in the Disney Stores in Japan are priced at 600 Yen each (about $6.50 USD with tax).

The story behind Ufufy is online, but these videos from the Disney Store Japan are not available for viewing in the U.S.

Disney Stores in Japan have exclusive product lines not sold in any of the Disney Parks. Ufufy join the Disney Store exclusives in Japan, which include Tsum Tsum and the UniBEARsity bears.


Tsum Tsum are Disney Store exclusives in Japan (so there are no Disney Park attractions Tsum Tsums in Tokyo). We did find Tsum Tsum inside Hong Kong Disneyland park, so Tsums are not Disney Store exclusives in Hong Kong.


The story behind the UniBEARsity bears – Mickey and friends made teddy bear counterparts that resemble them. Minnie’s bear has the Polkadot bow. Donald’s bear has a blue tie. Daisy’s bear has a purple bow. They all come with a UniBearsity crest on their left foot, and can be accessorized with their custom clothing line.

We found UniBEARsity plush in a Shanghai Disney Store, so they are not exclusive to Japan. These Alice In Wonderland-themed UniBEARsity bears are sold at Disney Stores in Hong Kong.

Disney Stores in Japan have such a unique assortment of kawaii Disney characters! How do you feel about the new Disney Ufufy? What Japanese Disney merchandise are you most excited about? Please share your thoughts with us!

For more pictures of Ufufy, please visit the Disney Store Japan website.

I also found this Ufufy video you might enjoy: