Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin's popular The Doll People books are brought to life like never before in their first ever picture book, courtesy of Disney Press. The Doll People's Christmas tells a new, original story about Annabelle Doll and her Christmas traditions with enchanting illustrations by Brett Helquist. This whimsical tale finds a fitting home at Disney, where it feels as if it could belong in the world of Toy Story.

Annabelle Doll is a very old toy and has lived in her Victorian doll house for over one hundred years. However, her friend Tiffany Funcraft is a new plastic doll and Annabelle has plans to show her how magical Christmas can be. But when Annabelle and Tiffany are removed from their doll houses on Christmas Eve, they discover that the true magic of Christmas doesn't come from the traditions you repeat every year, but the way you show you care for others.

The Doll People's Christmas actually has a substantial amount of text compared to most children's books. It would make a perfect Christmas bedtime story or gift. And adult fans of The Doll People series will find that this makes a perfect way to introduce the characters to preschoolers and Kindergarten aged children. The original book was published 16 years ago and many of its original fans now have children of their own.

I hope more picture books allow The Doll People series to find a new audience for future generations to discover the original series. With a touching message, beautiful illustrations and a lot of Christmas magic, The Doll People's Christmas is sure to become a holiday tradition for your family to enjoy year after year.