The day after seeing Moana in theaters, we were talking about how much we enjoyed the film. Unable to travel, I was happy to find several new Moana titles available through Disney Story Central. If you are not familiar with Disney Story Central, allow me to introduce you to one of our favorite apps/websites.

With a few clicks, we were reading a Level 2 reader entitled Moana Finds a Way. It highlights her determination throughout the film. The illustrations reminded us of the film’s beauty. We also picked out the Moana Little Golden Book version. The narrator’s inflection recalled Moana’s grandmother.

Stompeez slippers animate your feet while keeping them toasty. They add a little motivation to get out of a snuggly warm bed.

In stores, the books would’ve each been priced $4.99. In fact, the Level 2 reader is available as Kindle title for that price currently. Yet, through the app, we purchased Moana Finds a Way in trade for 1 token while we traded 2 tokens for the other Moana title. Since we purchased 25 Disney Book Tokens for $24.99, both cost me a grand total of $1.50 and came with a narration/read to me option that wouldn’t come with the Kindle or hard copy. An option I greatly appreciate currently to support my developing reader. As he grows more proficient, I suspect we will transition to a subscription rate and eventually he will age out of these titles.

Happily, Disney continues to expand the library’s offerings. It has recently added Movie Magazines and titles featuring their newest princess Elena of Avalor to the collection. Sadly, they don’t yet offer the titles that are sold in stores with accompanying read-along cd. I love those as they typically feature actual film dialogue and score and hope they will find their way to the app soon.

In the meantime, Disney Story Central is highlighting nearly two dozen titles focusing on the Christmas season including Elena of Avalor – Feliz Navidad A Royal Christmas and Olaf’s A Night Before Christmas narrated by Olaf himself.

Mickey’s ears wiggle with each Stompeez step. We’ve also seen slippers that feature Nemo or Dory with fins that wiggle with each step.

While I have your attention, I also wanted to highlight another product that has recently become a favorite around our house: Stompeez. These adorable slippers are as comfortable as they are cute. You can see our Mickey pair in the photos above, but they also come in Minnie Mouse edition and a Dory design. Thanks to Stompeez for opportunity to sample their slippers — they added comfort and fun to our reading time.

So throw on your Stompeez, brew up some hot cocoa and enjoy reading or reading along to Disney Story Central!

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