img_8486After all this time, we finally make it into the park! (If you need to catch up with the Toy Story Hotel or Disneytown click on the respective links because now we are heading in for a lot of time in the park!)img_8549The entrance to Mickey Avenue and Shanghai Disneyland Park is met, just as most of the "Castle Parks," with a train station, but there is no Disneyland Railroad here — it just works as a beautiful entry point complete with attraction posters.img_7867

img_0348 img_0349 img_0350Mickey Avenue is the main entry point into Shanghai Disneyland Park, and just as Main Street USA is to Disneyland, it consists of dining and shopping options, but the size of this area is more similar to Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure. While I could described each inch of Mickey Avenue, it is just best to see it all.img_8550 With a full side street and lots of windows, you could spend a full day looking at the tributes and hidden details of Mickey Avenue.img_9103 img_9104 img_9105 img_9106 img_9107 img_9108img_9111



A prime example of the detail is this barber shop window. First we start with the wide shot, then, when we move in a bit closer, we start to see there is so many fun things to look at you could get lost in it for hours.img_9316

img_9319-1 img_9320-1



img_9124 img_9948One thing that a lot of guests missed was Mickey Avenue had shop numbers, so as we followed the numbers around to this small courtyard, we were very surprised by what address we found.img_8002 img_8003Now we have only scratched the surface of Mickey Avenue, so head to page two for more details and some amazing eats!