The Avenue M Arcade is a large shop broken up into lots of mini areas in the place of the Emporium. But, just like the Emporium, it has everything you could think of for those last minute shopping needs.img_9112 It is also, just like everything else on Mickey Avenue, overflowing with things to catch your eye.img_9116 img_9117 img_9119 img_9120

img_9951If you are hungry, Mickey Avenue is the place to be, with enough locations you won't have to look very far for that quick Donald waffle at Il Paperino, some great pastries at Remy's Patisserie, or some counter service at Mickey and Pals Market Café.img_9927 img_9938 img_9928 img_9935


img_9102 img_9291 img_9294 img_9297 img_9827 img_9299

img_9101One of my favorite locations on Mickey Avenue had to be Chip & Dale's Treehouse Treats. This small open shop had so many tributes and hidden gems I think I took as many pictures there as I did in almost all of Mickey Avenue.img_9303-1 img_9304-1 img_9305 img_9306 img_9309 img_9310-1
I am pretty sure I could go on posting about Mickey Avenue for days, but this trip report is already months behind as it is! So I will just leave you with some of the beauty of this area at night:img_0335 img_8134 img_9290 img_8484

Oh, but I have to include the characters you can meet there also....and that is it.