Earlier today, Lucasfilm finally revealed that the official title of Episode VIII will be The Last Jedi. Not a bad title, to be sure, but it feels like something is missing. Despite the fact that no other franchise could use the word "Jedi" in their title, it's the other two-thirds of the phrase that have a generic ring that seems to be throwing me off. Heck, we already have plenty of Lasts, including but not limited to Samurais, Kings of Scotland, Tangos in Paris, Airbenders, Action Heroes, Mimzies, Kisses, Stands, Crusades, Rainforests, Starfighters, Vegases, of the Mohicans, and About Nights (okay, the last one is cheating). So is the new Star Wars title actually kind of boring?

Think back to previous entry titles aside from A New Hope — there was always something exciting happening in them. Empires were Striking Back, Jedis were Returning, and even Forces were Awakening. Alright, so Phantom Menace wasn't great either, but Clones Attacking and Siths seeking Revenge sound intriguing.

You could argue that, in the context of the films, The Last Jedi is even more exciting because of the stakes it implies. However, to be honest, that ominous threat feels like pretty well-worn territory at this point. That said, if there's anything to be excited about with this title, it's the implication that this film will indeed have the darker tone and not-so-happy-ending that makes Empire Strikes Back a fan favorite.

In that aspect, I guess I can understand the excitement fans have for The Last Jedi — title included. And, like I said, it's not like it's a bad title, per se. Ultimately, even if the title is a little on the boring side, I still have high hopes for an adventurous film.

So what do you think about The Last Jedi?