Disney's adult-oriented Art of Coloring series continues with the second Star Wars specific volume. With 126 images based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, adults can relax and let their creative juices pour onto the page through color therapy. However, I personally found that this book offers a limited number of opportunities for color expression.

When The Force Awakens came out, a coloring book image went viral of a Kylo Ren page. He was already solid black and the only bit of color added to the page was red for his lightsaber. The caption on the image said "I'm done." This book has left images of characters like Darth Vader and K-2SO, who are primarily black, open to your artistic choices. But my OCD would make coloring them any other color un-therapeutic.

Since most of the characters costumes and features are earth tones, you may need to buy extra black, brown, and grey to finish this coloring book. The cover shows a single shade of blue being applied to the open Death Star and a few of the character's accents. However, I wish they would have instead published a volume 2 of the first Star Wars Art of Coloring book, which featured characters from the first six films. An opportunity was missed to incorporate moments from The Force Awakens, as well as more colorful characters from the Star Wars universe.

That being said, The Art of Coloring - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story offers some really great and intricate images. If using alternate colors doesn't bother you, then this is perfect for any Star Wars fan who enjoys color therapy. But if you're like me and you are still interested, I recommend stocking up on more earth toned colored pencils.