Hear ye, hear ye! Disney Press has a new book for little princes and princesses called Queen Doga picture book about a dog who lives a perfectly royal existence. With lots of humor and charm, parents are sure to love it just as much as their little ones do.

Queen Dog lives a charmed life where her humans feed her on silver platters, escort her on daily hunting missions, and she in return allows them to share her throne (the family's couch). But when a new visitor invades Queen Dog's space, she gets a little upset. But in the end, she decides to let her human's baby daughter become her very own princess in training.

As a doggy daddy of two pampered pooches, I can attest to the fact that my furry daughter believes she is, indeed, queen of the world. It's her world and she kindly lets me live in it, which is why this book was so delightful to me.

This original story by Bridget Heos is sure to charm both kids and adults alike, and the illustrations by Alejandro O'Keeffe are so charming and inviting (and my dog even has some of the same toys!). I highly recommend Queen Dog to parents looking for new stories to read to their children.