D23, the official Disney fan club, is about to enter it's eighth year on March 10th, 2017. Membership levels have changed over the years and fans currently have the option of a free membership that grants access to D23.com's exclusive content, plus access to select events and discounts. But with a Gold or Gold Family Membership, fans are given an exclusive member gift, a subscription to the quarterly publication Disney Twenty-Three, access to register for all events, and access to all eligible discounts.

Last year's member gift was a book box that opened to reveal 23 facsimiles of items found on Walt Disney's Desk after he passed away to commemorate his newly restored suite on the Disney Studio lot. This year, the gift follows a similar format, but is themed to Walt Disney's Nine Old Men. The 23 reproductions included span nearly 50-years of Disney content, from animation drawings and concept art, to promotional materials and theme park artwork. It's a well-rounded collection sure to please any diehard Disney fan. Below is a list of what's included, with more details in parenthesis:

  1. Mickey Mouse Animation Drawing by Les Clark - 1937  (from Magician Mickey)
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Premiere Police Pass - 1937
  3. Dopey "Fan Card" - 1937 (by Ollie Johnston)
  4. Walt Disney Inter-Office Memo to Milt Kahl - 1939 (regarding success of Snow White)
  5. Walt Disney Studios "Season's Greetings" Card - 1939 (Pinocchio themed)
  6. Jiminy Cricket Animation Drawing by Ward Kimball - 1939
  7. Ben Ali Gator Animatin Drawing by John Lounsbery - 1940 (Fantasia)
  8. Dinosaur Animation Drawing by Woolie Reitherman - 1940 (Fantasia)
  9. Cinderella Ball Gown Preliminary Designs - 1948
  10. Captain Hook Animation Drawing by Frank Thomas - 1952
  11. Peter Pan "Fan Card" - 1953
  12. The Disneyland Story Production Report - 1954 (featured several of the Nine Old Men)
  13. Script Page for Disneyland TV Episode Tricks of Our Trade - 1956
  14. The Art of Animation Book Spread - 1958 (signed by all nine legendary animators)
  15. Pongo and Puppy Animation Drawing by Eric Larson - 1960
  16. Disneyland Postcard - 1967 (Pirates of the Caribbean by Marc Davis)
  17. Shere Khan Character Sketch by Milt Kahl - 1967
  18. The Aristocats Promotion Handbill - 1970
  19. Disney Studio Photograph - 1972 (50th anniversary of studio)
  20. Alice in Wonderland Preview Invitation - 1974 (Trippy re-release artwork)
  21. Disney Animation Recruitment Brochure - 1977 (Advertises 3 films: The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron, and the never completed The Hero from Otherwhere)
  22. Eric Larson's 50th Anniversary Pinback Button - 1983
  23. Disney Legends Award Ceremony Program - 1989 (The year all Nine Old Men were inducted)

As you can see, this collection is pretty incredible. The quality of these reproductions is impressive, with an attempt to even replicate the type of paper the originals were produced on. To see a better look at each item, be sure to check out our unboxing video.

If you're interested in joining D23 to receive this year's collection of treasures from the Walt Disney Archives and Animation Research Library, be sure to register for the Gold or Gold Family Membership levels.

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