Cold and flu season is lingering extra long this year, which makes Disney's latest children's book, Bob, Not Bob! perfect for your sick little one's. When your nose is stuffed and your head aches, you get extra needy and just want a little TLC. That's what happens to Little Louie in this charming and funny story.

Little Louie has a really bad cold that just seems to get worse and with his stuffed nose, "M" sounds become a "B." That's why it's extra hard for Louie, because all he wants is his mom, but anytime he calls her, his dog Bob shows up. Bob slobbers and drools all over sick Louie and every time this happens, he tells the dog "No, I want by Bob, not Bob!" (translation: no, I want my mom, not Bob!).

The story by Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick is incredibly cute and funny. And Matthew Cordell's illustrations add a great deal of charm, especially Bob, a rambunctious Dalmatian. In terms of content, it also reminded me of Mary Rodgers' A Billion for Borris, a sequel to Freaky Friday in which we find out that Borris is actually named Morris, but his constant runny nose prevented him from saying his name correctly for years.

If you're looking for a children's book about being sick to read to your little ones, Bob, Not Bob! is a perfect choice. There's humor peppered throughout the story, from the initial concept down to the illustrations. You and your kids can laugh and have a great time while talking to them about how bad it feels to be sick.