Milo Murphy's Law
Much like the previous creation of Marsh & Povenmire, Phineas & Ferb, I adore the optimistic vision of DisneyXD's Milo Murphy's Law and was thrilled for its return today. Yes, its a cartoon. Yes, its wildly ridiculous. But it offers a viewpoint that is so valuable in the real world. When you can't change your circumstances, adjust your perspective.

Each week Milo Murphy's simple day becomes an extraordinary adventure because "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", a simple adage known to many as Murphy's Law.
In the show's series premiere episode, a new kid to the neighborhood Zack is unaware of Milo's "unluckiest kid in town" moniker and befriends him while waiting for the school bus. Within moments, a series of misadventures begin for the duo -- they are chased by a large concrete drainage pipe that's rolled away from a construction site causing them to miss the bus. For Zack, its an awful start to his first day in a school while Milo life of unluckiness has carved in him an adaptable and flexable don't break spirit. After another a series of misadventures, they make their way to school on foot. This gives Milo and Zack have a moment to pause.
Zack clearly annoyed by the turn his morning has taken tells Milo , "If and when we get out of here, I'm going to have to go my own way. No offense, I just can't handle all of (pauses) this."
Milo bewildered, replies, "All of what?" Another hazard interrupts the conversation, and Zack who is new to a life of constant upheaval replies, "This cyclone of calamity that follows you everywhere you go? How do you live like this?" clearly frustrated.
Milo. clearly comfortably adapted to his inevitable daily routine of misadventure, turns the tables, "how do you live like that?" "You want to live like the other kids?" Nearly incredulous he continues, "They took a bus to school today. A bus," he reiterates with force. "Does that feel like more fun to you? he asks.
Zack pauses, reflecting on his day, "Hmm." A smile crosses his face, "Alright where to next?," he says with great excitement and stands alongside his new jinxed friend.
And there it is. Zack might have spent the rest of the day -or- even his life bemoaning all the calamity that had caused them to miss the bus his first day in the new school but by looking at it from Milo's view -- they weren't harmed and (spoiler alert -- they make it to school on time) AND they had an amazing adventure in the process.
So if you're looking for a delightful pick-me-up, a simple reminder to roll with the unexpected challenges check out Milo Murphy's Law.