Rapunzel is back, and with a little more hair then we last left her with. She is ready to become a princess and one day, the queen of her kingdom of Corona, but is suddenly finding reluctance with her new title and soon to be responsibilities. With familiar faces and new friends, can she find her footing and be the princess her kingdom needs, despite a few bumps in the road?
Rapunzel returns with the new Disney Channel original movie "Tangled: Before Every After
Tangled: Before Ever After is a new Disney Channel Original Movie that begins the chronicle of our favorite characters from Tangled after the movie left off, but before the blessed wedding of Rapunzel to our favorite scoundrel, Eugene Fitzherbert, or Flynn Rider as he would prefer. This is the perfect way to introduce the story that Tangled: The Series will follow, also airing later this month on the Disney Channel.
The second the movie starts, you instantly feel transported back to the original feel of Tangled, which is no small feat due to the fact that this movie uses a style of animation far different than the film. Still, it feels so reminiscent to the original with the patterns of the stars and lanterns. There are truly moments that are so incredibly stunning, I was almost wanting to see more of the background images than the actual characters. The music and new, original songs are also not anything close to a disappointment. Rapunzel's new song, "Wind In My Hair," is sure to be a popular and I hope we get to hear it throughout the rest of the series.
From the moment it was announced, I have been looking forward to this movie and series with great anticipation. Who didn't love the characters, humor, but overall heart from Tangled? I'll admit that I was skeptical that they couldn't have lightning strike twice, but they've done it. I attribute this mostly to Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi that are reprising their respective roles as Rapunzel and Flynn. The comedic timing and brilliant script kept me, a full grown adult, entertained and almost sad when the movie was over. I'm so excited to see where this series goes! Rapunzel was instantly a favorite princess that was seamlessly woven in with other favorite princesses because she represents so much of what we love about our strong, goal driven heroins. I'm so happy to see more of her adventures and how she grows into the princess that we know and love, but how the familiar characters we know, and the new ones we will grow to love, show us that if we set our mind to it, we can do anything!
Premiering Friday, March 10th on the Disney Channel at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Don't miss it!