This is not a joke, this is not a drill, and yes, this is real life. Kingswell, a division of Disney Press, recently published their first ABC branded adult coloring book, Art of Coloring: The Golden Girls. And with everyone's favorite Miami foursome now on Hulu, these broads have never been hotter.

Following the "100 images to inspire creativity" promise of the other Art of Coloring volumes, this one features a mix of drawings of Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanch, as well as collage images of icons from the series. As you turn the pages, you can't help but smile and sometimes giggle at the iconography found within the pages.

The cover surrounds the gals with some tropical floral arrangements and fruity cocktails. These same themes can be found on many of the collage pages, but you will also find cheesecake, jewelry, perfume, and makeup scattered through the book. And some of my favorites include a closeup of their lanai furniture and Sophia's wicker beaded purse (gorgeous!).

The biggest star of this coloring book is not Betty White, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, or Estelle Getty. No, the biggest star of this coloring book are the 1980's fashions the girls wear, some of which are so hypnotizing to color that you get lost in them. One of Dorothy's images features an outfit with words all over, which bend and twist with the folds. My favorite Sophia image finds her in a floral piece with boxes around each flower that could keep you busy for hours. And some of the fruit arrangements feature magnified strawberries with blank seeds for you to color.

Your late night Hulu binge fests can now be even more entertaining with Art of Coloring: The Golden Girls. All you need are some colored pencils, a little cheesecake, and your imagination. I'm glad to see Disney branch out beyond the norm with this adult coloring release and can't wait to see what the future holds for this series.